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Last 2018, we witnessed some of the most jaw-dropping breakthroughs in the field of software development and technology including  3D Metal Printing, the Sensing


Loyica Team
Sep 17 2019
Software Development Trends to Watch for This 2019

Last 2018, we witnessed some of the most jaw-dropping breakthroughs in the field of software development and technology including  3D Metal Printing, the Sensing Smart City, Artificial Intelligence for everybody, Dueling Neutral Networks and more.

Technology is evolving faster than ever. As of now, new trends in software development are slowly unfolding. In 2019, we expect a drastic exponential change in software technologies.

It is no easy task to identify the next big thing in software developments but don’t you worry because Loyica has done it for you. Here are the trends from the top software development company in Dubai and worldwide this 2019 that you should watch out for:

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is everywhere in technology now. It is powering your Amazon Alexa, Smart TVs and down to your automatic toothbrush. Artificial Intelligence had been even deployed in healthcare and welfare for the past few years. It is the ability of a program to think intelligently like humans.

In 2020, the US will go crazy with Artificial Intelligence according to Fortune with 40 percent of businesses that will be using AI to automate their business processes. Business giants consider AI as the fundamental of digital transformation which is the basis of business strategies.

AI is changing the business landscape like never before. As reported by Forbes, it is expected that “the three industries to be most definitely impacted by Artificial Intelligence are IT and telecommunications (59%), business and professional services (43%) and customer services (32%).”

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said in an interview with CNBC, “Artificial intelligence (AI) has been the defining technology in this generation. The future we will invent is not something that just happens, it is the choice we make,” obviously defending Artificial Intelligence despite ethical issues thrown to the technology.

  • Blockchain

This undeniably ingenious invention, the blockchain, is the record-keeping technology behind Bitcoin. Blockchain Revolution Author Alexa Tapscott defined it as “an incorruptible digital public ledger of economic operations which can be programmed to record not just financial operations but almost everything valuable.”

Each day, more and more businesses are embracing blockchain development and services. Companies are starting to develop their apps using blockchain as an application platform. Leading companies such as Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft, and IBM are venturing this sector, it would be unprecedentedly growing this 2019. Blockchain is letting you experience bank transactions minus the hassle of waiting in lines by creating a sign ledger for different parties. This technology is reckoned to revolutionize in all industry.

  • Progressive Web Apps

According to Google developers, Progressive Web Apps (PWA) are user experiences that have the reach of the web and are reliable, fast and engaging. With this level of quality, PWAs deserves a spot in the user’s home screen.

As reported by Gartner, Progressive Web Apps will be the leading software development for the years to come. Everyone in the industry has started developing PWAS including big companies like Forbes, Flipkart, Alibaba, The Weather Channel, and The Washington Post. Users will definitely adore the performance of browser features that have the same characteristics as mobile applications. Numerous businesses are expected to clinch with PWAs as it is easier to develop and maintain.

PWAs can be run on cellphones, tablets and even desktops giving users a smooth experience. BMW noticed three to four load times, 30% higher click-through rates and 26% more mobile users after relaunching BMW.com as a progressive web app.

  • Low-Code Development

Low-code is a method to develop and design software applications fast with only a minimal hand-coding. It allows software developers to deliver results quicker and more reliable. It also enables non-technical employees to create business applications that target company needs. The technology uses graphical user interfaces and configuration as a substitute for traditional computer programming. Low-code development has been flaunted by a few as the “future of the enterprise apps.”

This 2019, low-code platforms as estimated to generate over 10 billion dollars in revenue. On the other hand, low-code development cannot resolve everything. Custom software developers will be a better option if the tasks are more complex and open-ended.

  • Cloud Computing Services

Cloud-based services are expected to expand this 2019. Cloud computing has been rapidly growing with many companies embracing it. The latest Gartner report identifies that the cloud services market is estimated to expand by 17.3% (206 billion dollars) this 2019 and in 2020 this technology is projected to be used by 90% of companies.

Cloud technology opens doors for businesses to compete internationally and is reshaping how business processes work. Blockchain, virtual reality, and even IoT are cloud-based. It allows the users to store and share data such as apps and files to different parts of the globe. Big companies and even startup businesses are already using cloud services.

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