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Marketing solutions agencies promise you a lot of things and the most common thing we hear is an increased sales performance in just a short amount of time. Are


Loyica Team
Apr 02 2019
How a company's sales grew 500% in a month with CRM

Marketing solutions agencies promise you a lot of things and the most common thing we hear is an increased sales performance in just a short amount of time. Are these claims true? Is it really possible to increase your sales drastically in just a limited amount of time? How do they do it?

Most of these companies have a proven and tested method that involves using CRM programs or Customer Relationship Management programs.

What is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) program for?

A CRM program is a software program that provides a system that allows users to create and maintain customer relationships by automatically organizing and tracking relevant information about customers and their activities.

A lot of companies use CRM programs to improve their overall sales processes. It reduces the need to manually input information related to customers and adjust them as the leads become prospects and prospects become actual clients. Most CRM programs allow users to adjust these categories in just a single click.

With updated information, businesses can then respond to these customers accordingly. They can make their services specific to the needs of the customer and based on the customer’s status- whether he is yet a lead, a prospect, or an actual client.

The reason why we have to know and determine these differences is because each customer’s perception about the company he is engaging with is influenced by the amount of time and energy he has spent dealing with these companies. For example, leads are yet to be convinced that they need your product or service. So the amount of effort that the company has to exert should be focused on information dissemination, educating the customer that his life will drastically improve with your product and service. This is not the same with actual clients, where the company should focus on customer retention or keeping the customer happy with the product or service you are offering.

Over 500% in Sales Growth

We worked with a company that used Leveras, made by Loyica, and studied how the CRM program would influence its sales. Based on what we have observed, the overall sales performance of the company increased to over 500%, with more leads generated and clients retained.

How did it do it?

Leveras and its unique features including sales automation and client management allows for easy engagement with customers. Client management, for example, systematically organizes your customer database, making it easier for you to keep track of them. It allows you to categorize them as leads, prospects, and actual clients. It also allows you to view their history, their previous transactions, and the ticket requests they have sent previously. All these details are essential in delivering a personalized service which is proven to increase customer satisfaction. Nothing irks an irate customer more than informing the company over and over again about the issues he or she is experiencing. A detailed history empowers the company representatives to make decisions based on the reports the customer has been sending.

Leveras also allows for easy generation of sales reports with its Sales Automation feature. All the data gathered from your sales are presented in an organized way, which improves overall business decisions for managers. The Duplicate Management feature also automatically prompts users to remove or replace duplicate entries, ensuring there is only one unique data per client.

One of the most interesting and useful features that Leveras has is its Annotations feature. This feature allows users to never miss any detail by adding Notes, allowing them to Set Meetings and Schedule Calls, Reminders, or even upload media such as Pictures and Documents.

Creation of Custom Fields

One thing that sets Leveras apart from other CRM programs is its flexibility- its ability to adjust to your needs. With the tagline “You do not adapt to Leveras, Leveras will adapt to you,” the company, Loyica, is staying true to its word. Leveras allows users to create their own custom fields and enable them into any section they need.


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