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Every startup knows from the beginning that there are going to be obstacles in the long run. Sometimes, it will even surprise you because you have not expected it,


Loyica Team
Oct 24 2019
Why Digital Marketing is Important for Startups

Every startup knows from the beginning that there are going to be obstacles in the long run. Sometimes, it will even surprise you because you have not expected it, you do not know how to respond, or you do not have any resources needed to address them properly. It is tough being a startup. Some even die, or never reach the level of success they aspired in the start.

Hundreds of brands are launched in the marketplace each day. With competitions all around the business world, to be a successful startup you need to have a winning marketing plan. The traditional way of brand promotion and advertising strategies still works. But with only flyers and brochures, the majority of startups do not survive without having an excellent digital marketing technique from the best digital marketing solutions company in Dubai and from all around the world.

With 3.2 billion internet users, it is a need for businesses to be online as well. Here are reasons why digital marketing is important for startup businesses.

More Convenient and Low-cost Market Research

Startups have very limited resources and capital. Market research used to be a time-sapping, tedious and costly business practice. With the development of AI, market research has been transformed into an affordable, convenient, real-time, and instant process.

With the prevalent use of devices such as smartphones and computers, surveys now are being conducted by means of social media surveys and polls. The buying behavior of customers can now be tracked, monitored and interpreted with technology. It provide companies essential information needed to figure out which products and demographics work best for them.

Instead of squandering millions of dollars for ineffective TV ads, startups can instantly target potential consumers that they know is interested in their product/service with the help of digital marketing.

Search Engine Optimization is important

For a startup, it is important to use SEO especially when having a limited budget. SEO will drive traffic to the website. It is important for businesses to appear in the top results in search engines as most people will only click the first three on the list. Websites that are on the top results are considered a higher authority and more credible.

Engage Clients

Engagement is all about brand loyalty and awareness. As a startup, it is a need to gain the customer’s trust to keep them. When you connect and engage with your audience, you capture their attention and create a positive, valuable experience for your potential customers. When you improve your engagement, you will acquire a higher ROI, more followers, and more clients.

Facebook posts, twitter campaigns, webinar, and other campaigns will also help bring traffic to the website and market new offerings.

Mobile optimization strategy

Everyone now is using mobile devices. Studies confirmed that mobile search has exceeded desktop search.  As a startup, it is essential to ensure that the website is mobile-ready. It is an integral part of the marketing strategy.

Use comprehensive metrics to drive success

Marketing metrics has played a vital role in driving success for startups. Marketing metrics are used to show how effective the campaigns are across all marketing channels. With this being said, startups can know immediately how many viewers are reading their ads.

These tools let digital marketers track the buying behavior of customers and will make it simpler to identify useful offerings and what products/services need to be created to cater the consumer’s needs.

Content is the key

Consumers want to find out information about services or products online. For a startup, it is very important to ensure that tremendous efforts are put in the making of the content. Relatable and engaging content draws in consumers.

Contents are not limited to blogs. Content can be webinars, images, memes, GIFs, infographics, and more. If your content captures the attention of the readers, they will share it through their social media accounts, emails or viva voce recommendation. Everybody can be an influencer today.

Cohesive strategy

Product or service selling is no longer the only focus of marketing. Today, marketing is about building your brand- a brand that stands tall amidst thousands of competitors.

Digital marketing helps a startup build its brand by bringing multi-channel sales approach with automated processes, personalized interactions, and coordinate actions. It will reach every single person at every corner of the globe who is online. Research says 65% of consumers are buying in a well-planned email campaign.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion Rate Optimization is a technique used to increase the percentage of website visitors into customers. While SEO drives traffic to your website, CRO focuses on making the traffic more profitable. It makes your business more efficient and gainful. CRO enables you to understand and identify how your customers use your website and understand how they navigate. It also allows you to identify how they enter or leave your website. In simpler words, CRO puts you in your client’s shoes.


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