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E-Commerce websites are what is trendy right now. They offer functionalities and features that are necessary for modern day businesses. They allow customers to make


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Jul 12 2019
Five Features That Your E-Commerce Website Should Have

E-Commerce websites are what is trendy right now. They offer functionalities and features that are necessary for modern day businesses. They allow customers to make purchases, review their purchases, or even track their purchases, wherever and whenever. E-Commerce websites also increase business success. With a greater reach, they allow the business to process more orders, therefore increasing the business’s sales.

As with other technologies, e-commerce websites are also continuously evolving and new features are being invented and integrated by major businesses every day. In this article, we list down the best features that your e-commerce website should have: 

  • Quality Photos

Quality photos are perhaps the most underrated essential component in an e-commerce website. A lot of websites incorporate low-quality photos for faster loading speed, but this compromises the ability of users to meticulously check the product they are considering to buy.

Photos with high resolutions allow users to zoom in without pixelating the photo. Sometimes this is necessary when the user is looking for important fine details in a product. Major e-commerce websites also feature a pop-up box that allows users to smoothly zoom in while on the website.

Not only will quality photos allow users to see fine details of your product, but they also give the impression that the products you are selling are of a higher quality. They send a message to your customers that you are willing to spend more, as a company, for quality.

If you are selling clothes, try to use real (human) models and not mannequins. They show how these clothes appear when worn in a certain way and how they respond to human movements. Making them look more realistic entices potential customers to actually try the clothes you are selling.

  • Reviews and Testimonials

Modern consumers are now more informed than ever, thanks to technology. If consumers want to know more about a product, they just look it up and search for information. Traditional ads are becoming less effective. Most consumers can now see through ads, what is real and what is not, what is photoshopped, what is genuine, and etc. This is why when in doubt, most consumers prefer to read reviews from actual customers, those who made previous purchases in the same company or with the same product. These honest and personal reviews help manage customer expectations and most consumers would prefer to have an accessible section in a website that provides these reviews for the products that they are looking for. This is why it is important to build a section dedicated to customer reviews and testimonials to let potential customers know what they are actually buying. It also sends a message that you care, as a company, for their feedback and is willing to improve your products and services for the better.

  • Navigation Menu

Integrating a navigation menu for your website is more about customer experience. It makes it a lot easy for customers to browse through and enjoy the full features of your websites. The navigation menu is the menu bar(s) that feature the categories you have listed for your products. This is important because most often customers look for categories and not products, especially when they are still unsure of what product to buy, or when they do not even know what the product is called.

  • Search Bar

Search bars provide a convenient way for users to directly get the information they are looking for on your website. In some instances, customers already have a product in mind and will directly head to typing the name of the product on the search bar to get its details. A search bar is a must in e-commerce websites because it provides convenience to all types of customers.

  • Filtering Options

When you have a lot of products to sell on your e-commerce website, the search bar is not just the feature that users often use. Filtering options are one of the most used features in e-commerce websites. This feature allows customers to get a product with the specific size, brand, color, or price they have in mind, making the purchasing experience easy and friendly to the user.

These are some of the features that your e-commerce website should have. Remember, there are two important factors that websites should consider: user experience and user interaction. All these must-have features allow for the best user experience and user interaction, making it easier for your customers to interact with you through your website. The last thing a business wants to do is give a horrible experience to customers who are looking for a company they want to patronize and promote to their friends. Providing quality photos enhances customer experience, giving them more information about the products they are about to buy, and they also give a good impression of your company. Reviews and testimonials give a more objective, honest approach to learning more about your products and services. Navigation menus, search bars, and filtering options just make it easy for the visitors of your site to navigate throughout your website. All these things may be too small to notice but they give a huge impact on your business.

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