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With the rise of social media we should not forget the importance of twitter. Twitter has always been the top application for social media users as it wears many


Loyica Team
Feb 21 2019
The 4 Best Twitter Apps for Android

With the rise of social media we should not forget the importance of twitter. Twitter has always been the top application for social media users as it wears many different hats.

There has never been an event where twitter has not been listed under the news section, adding more to this fact, twitter is also popular in terms of internet’s famous memes. Here are a few of the 4 best Twitter apps for Android

The official Twitter app

The official twitter application is free for all android users it is by far the best experience a user can get by experiencing the latest features. The official twitter app has all the features you would expect though it does have some reliability issues.

Moreover, you can include night themes, blocking, muting and live stream to carry on further with this tremendous official app. And that’s not it, a user can also compose tweet storms in a single post rather than tangling multiple of them together. The official twitter application is also known to be as the first supporting newest Android features such as the notification channels. You can’t surely miss downloading this official app to take complete advantage of its excellent features.

Twitter lite

Twitter lite is the best app you can use if your smartphone is running out of storage or if a user is using a smartphone that has performance issues. This app can be installed as a native or progressive web app. Both of these versions are going to consume very little MBs of your phone allowing you to use most of the essential features of twitter. However, you miss out on a few advanced features in twitter lite like the live streaming. Twitter light app supports features like tweet storms, night mode, polls GIF search and notifications.

You will miss out on a few advanced tools like live-streaming. However, Twitter Lite comes with most features you will need regularly, including tweet storms, night mode, polls, GIF search, notifications, and more.

Fenix 2

Fenix 2 is a third-party twitter application that offers a handful of utilities that allow you to enjoy a more personal and customized twitter experience. Fenix 2 covers all the aspects of providing the users with a good user interface by customizing the tabs and creating themes. Moreover, you can also configure gestures to quickly carry out the task you want. The best part of this app is that you can easily undo a function through which a user can delete a sent tweet. This app is not free but paying a couple of pennies in contrast to its amazing features will not be a bad choice at all.


Owly is one of the most fascinating applications present on the list as it has a different approach. This app focuses on all the updates and lets you stay up to date with the latest trends. You can build a reading list in this application in order to read them when you really want to as it highlights all the tweets from the accounts you follow.

Moreover, Owly turns long tweets into images with backgrounds of your choice and it comprises of all the theming options which you might need. The premium version of this app is available on the play store.

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