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Some applications are likely to experience a unique set of challenges in order to engage and listen to their clients and Travel apps are one of them. Travel happens


Loyica Team
Mar 25 2019
Strategies to collect travel apps customer feedback

Some applications are likely to experience a unique set of challenges in order to engage and listen to their clients and Travel apps are one of them. Travel happens in real-time and the brand must constantly be available to listen and respond to their customers’ needs, itinerary changes, and other special requests.

A travel app must feature weather forecasting, Geo-location, and translations. And if the travel app is providing a proactive way to gather customer feedback, it increases chances of the app’s success.

The following are the strategies that you can implement in order to collect customer feedback for travel applications:


Conducting mobile surveys is one of the most effective ways to find out more about your customer and what key factor drives them back to using your application. You can even find out about their likes and dislikes along with what aspect they would like to improve in the application. Through surveys, you can easily gather data in a short time span.

In-app surveys allow you to target the customer without making them leave their in-app experience. All you have to do is write engaging questions to encourage the customer participation in the survey.

Moreover, conducting the survey at the right place and at the right time allows for open-ended feedback and allows for the targeting of the correct audience, which can lead you towards achieving a comprehensive database.

In-app messages

Reaching your customer through in-app messaging allows you to turn your app into a communication channel, especially when you provide them with two-way communication. The messages also help you gather ample feedback to solve customers’ problems.

Rating and Reviews

Rating and reviews play a major role in getting to know what needs to be changed and what needs to get better in your application. Ratings usually don’t give precise feedback but they are useful when it comes to finding out about the overall app experience of the customers. In reviews, the customer writes a few lines reflecting their experience while using your app. They can be of great help when connecting with user requirements.

Many top travel apps have identified this trend and have started asking for ratings and reviews.

Social media channels

Having an active social media presence is a great way for companies in the travel category to connect with their users. Through engaging social media channels, the brands can also promote new features of the app in interesting ways. Moreover, the customers can share anything they like the most and may refer the app to other people as well. This way the app gets marketed for free and you will have a better chance of successfully improving your product with customer feedback through comments and messages. 

In-app engagement

Sometimes your customer might not tell you about their sentiments or likes and dislikes. However by tracking the customer activity, you will begin to understand your customers’ profiles and it could be the best way to achieve business success. So have room for in-app engagement.

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