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Introduction It is no secret that business success these days is measured by their ability to engage their customers online. The internet holds so muc...

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Sep 15 2020
Loyica: Website Design Dubai Services


It is no secret that business success these days is measured by their ability to engage their customers online. The internet holds so much opportunity for companies to grow their business through capturing leads’ attention and establishing a loyal customer base.

For this strategy to work, businesses need a working website - a proper one that allows businesses to offer their products and services in an organized manner. It’s not just the structure - you also have to consider the colors, the spacing, the layout, the logos, and anything under website design

So what is website design and why is it so important that a company’s success depends on it? Read on to find out more about this topic.

What is Website Design

Website design is a catch-all term for anything dealing with web graphic design, interface design, content, user experience (UX) design, and even search engine optimization (SEO). 

To put it simply, when you visit a website, what you see on your screen is a product of all the elements of website design. It is also more than that. When you start navigating the website and visit its landing pages, the entire experience - clicking on hyperlinks, pictures, and buttons - also falls under the discipline of website design. In short, website designs comprises visual and functional elements that, when combined together perfectly, results in a winning website design.

Web design is an important aspect of digital marketing. If a company is looking to increase their leads and clients, the company must be able to maintain a smooth and easy-to-navigate website to improve the customer experience.

Importance of Website Design

How important is website design? According to research from Stanford, a company’s credibility is 75% based on the company’s website design. That means, potential customers will decide whether or not to make a purchase from you (or even start their buyer’s journey with you) based on their first impression upon landing on your website.

This is why website design is not something that you can easily dismiss when engaging your target audience. You have to factor in what makes your website enticing, friendly, and unforgettable to help you get the results you want.

Elements of Website Design


  • Copy


A website’s copy comprises the words that you see on the website and its landing pages. Copies should be short and impactful - setting the tone of the brand in just a few words. This element is a bit challenging for website designers. Coming up with words (and only a few) to make a good first impression is not easy, and sometimes it takes experience to know what works and what doesn’t.

According to an eye-tracking study by Missouri University of S&T, users spend an average of 5.59 seconds looking at a website’s written content - which only highlights the importance of a proper website copy.


  • Fonts


Fonts dictate the most part of a visitor’s first impression. It sets the overall tone and mood of your website. A little difference could spell disaster.

When it comes to choosing what font suits your website the best, there are various tools out there available for you to try which combination of fonts match your brand. But it is best to leave it to the experts to decide for you if you’re still new to this field.


  • Colors


Just like fonts, your website’s colors will also set the general tone and mood of your website. It will all depend on your brand - do you want to give off casual vibes? Then go for summer tones. Study the psychology of colors because the overall combination of colors in your website will also leave a lasting impression on your visitors, so make sure they will be excited to visit you again.


  • Layout


How you arrange your content will have an impact on your visitors, so make sure your website’s layout is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also friendly to navigate. There are guiding principles when it comes to choosing which layout works best for which brand - like visual hierarchy, divine proportions, and Hick’s Law. 

If you find it hard to grasp these concepts, better seek the advice of an expert. Your website’s layout is just as important as the previously mentioned elements.


  • Shapes


The shapes that make up your website will guide your visitors which element to focus on. It is also just as important as your website’s colors, fonts, and etc.


  • Spacing


With minimalism getting traction when it comes to website design these days, spacing has become a high priority for designers. Emptiness (or blank spaces) are equally important as content.


  • Images and Icons


As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words - and with websites competing for visitors’ attention, less is more. Choosing the right images and icons to make up your website is crucial for visitors to easily understand how to navigate it, and here lies opportunities for you to entice them to click on the cart button to shop now.


  • Videos


Most visitors, especially those that belong in the Generation Z, prefer to watch videos instead of reading. With their purchasing power continuously growing, it is best for digital marketers to tap into this massive market by substituting words with videos in their websites.

Examples of Website Design

Check these websites for examples of a good website design:

  1. Revols
  2. Montage (Mixbook)
  3. Workstack
  4. Campos Coffee
  5. KIN
  6. WealthSimple

When Looking for a Partner: Website Design Dubai

When looking for a web design company in Dubai, choose a company that has track records of high-quality web designing and development services. Choose one that delivers full service - a website designing company that can make the commerce website best suited to your needs, and one that has proficient knowledge of social media marketing and content management system as these are in trend these days.

Our Team at Loyica

Loyica is a web design agency and web development company based in Dubai. Our team is composed of top web designers in Dubai that have handled multiple clients over the past few years. As a pioneer designing company in Dubai and web development company in Dubai, we have seen what works in this industry and what doesn’t.

Contact us now and see what makes us different.

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