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There are several ways to write an effective newsletter and companies have been experimenting on the most effective ways to get recipients to open, read, click on ...

Loyica Team
Apr 05 2020
How to Write an Effective Newsletter in 2020

There are several ways to write an effective newsletter and companies have been experimenting on the most effective ways to get recipients to open, read, click on links, and make actual purchases through these e-mails.

Companies like Adobe and The Verge, for example, draws its design elements in its newsletters from its brand identity – techy, edgy, and modern. The Verge’s color scheme also remains consistent. The leading computer software company, Adobe– responsible for creating the world’s greatest design tools and software– fills its newsletters with photos of great quality (a sneak peek of what you are about to have if you buy their products) that are designed to offer you product choices you are enticed to purchase.

But sending an effective newsletter remains a challenge. How do you actually craft a newsletter that can help you achieve higher sales conversion? Are newsletters even still relevant these days? Check these tips to find out:

Craft a subject line and preview text that your target readers won’t be able to resist

Ever read a subject line so punchy you just had to click on it and see what the email is about? The art of creating irresistible subject lines and preview texts requires a lot of creativity – and careful assessment to check whether something is working or not.

Companies like BuzzFeed, for example, take this to heart. By writing excellent subject lines, your target readers have a higher chance of opening your email and actually reading it. This leads to higher chances of sales conversion happening, thus growing your business.

Examples of good subject lines:

Free *insert item* Alert!

*Don’t Open This E-mail!*

Hot Freebie Alert! Giveaways You Can Get This Week!

This is the Best *Insert Subject* You’ll Ever See

Study your buyer persona and segment your customers according to criteria

Not all customers are made the same. Your target customers have varying degrees of interaction with you and they have varying preferences as well. 

Some customers would love to open an email of yours if it’s about discounts. Others may not fall for the same trap but would love to check new items that they might need. These differences are difficult to identify and monitor. And often you will need a tool for this. 

Some CRM programs are designed to track and monitor customer behavior when it comes to emails. Getting data and information regarding your potential and existing customers using CRM tools can help you craft a better marketing strategy. It becomes more responsive to real world behavior and becomes more measurable as a result.

Know the Types of Customers You are Dealing With

Knowing what to do with the right person allows you to adjust and adapt to changing customer preferences. It also allows you to keep your e-mail marketing campaign updated and working. If you launch the appropriate action towards the right customer, it only increases the chances of sales conversion happening which helps your business in the long run.

Someone who keeps on opening your e-mails but made no purchases

If a customer kept on opening your e-mails but has made no purchase yet, craft an automated email message that gives them an extra push to buy your product – be it in the form of an extra discount if they buy that day or a freebie you will give them if they buy within 24 hours. This will help you close the deal easily.

Someone who has not opened your e-mail for the past 3 months

If someone has not opened your e-mail for a long time, maybe it is time to bid goodbye. Remove that contact from your list and start focusing on the other leads. If a person opens only certain types of e-mails, refine your segmentation strategy and make sure you are only sending relevant content to that person.

Someone who has not clicked on your e-mail’s CTA button 

One of the indicators of a successful e-mail marketing campaign is the CTR or click-through rate. This measures how many of your target recipients are clicking on the CTA button of your e-mail. Analyze why they are not clicking through: is it the content? Is it the design? Are they just not interested? Then make decisions from there.

Someone who has not made a second purchase in months

Win back those who have not made another purchase after making one by giving them a special offer they cannot resist. But for you to do this, you need to keep track of those who have made a purchase so you can launch an automated e-mail campaign to motivate them to do another purchase.

Personalize Your E-mail and Make a Segmented E-mail List

To improve your Click Through Rate (CTR), put a personal touch in your message and personalize your email. You can start off by just putting in the name of the recipient. To further personalize your email, you can even customize the CTA button according to the buyer persona of the recipient.

You can engage them according to their age, gender, job title, and other relevant information about your recipients like location and interests. For example, if the customer is still a student, get a CTA button that is relevant to a student’s needs. If a customer is a professional, say an engineer, get a CTA button that engineers would be enticed to click.

For example:

“Click here for a 25% student discount”

“20% off for Professional Engineers”

A segmented e-mail list is also important for a successful e-mail marketing campaign. Segmentation is the process of grouping recipients together according to commonalities. This allows you to target and send groups a personalized message with a personal touch. Overall, a segmented e-mail list allows you to craft a message that is specific and relevant to a particular segment. This increases CTR and entices the reader that he or she needs to act on an offer delivered through the e-mail.

 Include Interactive Content in Your E-mail

Capturing the attention of your recipient within the first eight seconds is crucial. With the exposure to millions of information every day, it comes as no surprise that the average customer attention span only lasts until 8 seconds.

To get your recipients’ attention and ensure it will last, make your content interactive. Include Infographics, videos, surveys, polls, quizzes, calculators, and images so you can sustain your readers’ attention until they reach your CTA button.

Interactive content can break the monotone that is usually associated with e-mails. When your newsletter gives a breath of fresh air, it will surely stand out in your recipient’s inbox and may even encourage your target reader to open your e-mails in the future.


There are more ways to improve your newsletter to get you the sales target you need but these are five basic ways to write an effective letter in 2020. They are guaranteed to improve your CTR and sales conversion.  Start by crafting an irresistible subject line and preview text, study your buyer persona and segment your customers according to relevant criteria, know the customers you are dealing with, make a segmented e-mail list and personalize your e-mails, and lastly, include an interactive content in your e-mail.

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