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Companies have to use a people-first approach to survive, marketing technologies have to serve the “human experience,” says Subbu Iyer, CMO at Riverbed. “Marketers


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Nov 07 2019
Using a People-First Approach at Loyica

Companies have to use a people-first approach to survive, marketing technologies have to serve the “human experience,” says Subbu Iyer, CMO at Riverbed. “Marketers need to ask what the purpose of the technology is – and it needs to be to serve the human experience.”

Digital strategies have to be thought of in a human context and technologies have to be deployed for customer-centered use cases to address the human experience. This is because the modern-day customers are now tech-savvy. They demand value, accountability, transparency, authenticity, and more importantly, personalization. That is why technology has to offer an experience that consumers long for or else it will end up forgotten, as with the millions of technologies made that offers no unforgettable experience.

Iyer also used a number of studies, as references, to claim that emotions are the number one factor in determining customer loyalty. Therefore, it is extremely important to understand and respond to emotions, as users who come into contact with your brand can dramatically change outcomes.

Loyica’s People-First Approach

Having access to data about your target clients means having a greater understanding of their needs and Loyica specializes in this by specifically catering their solutions to the needs of consumers everywhere. Loyica also has systems available that allows you to gather different elements of client information and organize and interpret them through automation.

With a deeper understanding of what the consumers want and their emotions towards advertising, product information, and the actual purchase or use of the product, Loyica is more able to keep up with user trends and adjust its services and those of its clients accordingly. Loyica is taking advantage of the trend of using advanced tools to efficiently implement marketing strategies especially when there is an increasing number of users that are connected to the Internet, which presents a number of opportunities to businesses.

Loyica’s technology allows companies to effectively increase their customer reach and establish profitable relationships. With this technology, sales are expected to continuously grow, driving businesses to their success. Businesses using technologies like those offered by Loyica are also more likely to survive the competition and stay relevant amidst changing market preferences. This technology also allows businesses to effectively understand their customers’ behaviors and modify their marketing strategies to adapt to these changes. This is one important element that sets successful businesses apart.

Introducing Loyica Systems

Loyica Systems combine creative ideas and strategic planning to seamlessly implement and deliver purpose-built solutions across FinTech, MarTech, and HRTech. Its systems also offer several tools to help marketers enhance, customize, and automate marketing tasks and activities.

With Loyica’s people-first approach, it can deploy its systems for customer-centered use cases to address the need for an unforgettable human experience. Loyica Systems also allows marketers to tailor-fit their services and personalize them to address the unique needs of every customer. This will allow companies to understand and respond to their customers’ emotions as their customers come into contact with their brand.

Overall, Loyica Systems provide creative, scalable, and high-performance off-the-shelf systems that automate business processes and reduce manual effort required to perform tasks related to your business. This helps cut down costs for manpower, reallocate time to perform more productive activities, and reduce human error and is most needed to revolutionize the FinTech, MarTech, and HRTech industries.

Introducing Loyica Solutions: Marketing

Loyica Solutions’s marketing arm offers services related to Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Optimization, Pay Per Click (PPC), Online Reputation Management, and Content Writing. All in all, these services allow companies to effectively reach their target audiences and craft an effective message that will not just draw their attention but will also convert them into paying customers.

Search Engine Optimization is one of the most used marketing technologies in several industries and search engine marketing performed by Loyica has provided ways for smaller businesses to increase their visibility on the Internet, increase their web traffic and generate leads for themselves. The same is true for Loyica’s Social Media Optimization, PPC, and Online Reputation Management services. These marketing services are becoming increasingly important especially when consumers are bombarded with millions of information everyday, creating a competition among advertisers to catch their attention and maintain a brand recall everyday.

Loyica can also perform Analytics and Tracking, where Loyica tracks and analyzes data collected from a website and process the data to give basic information such as website traffic and other activities your website visitors are conducting while they are on your website. Having this information allows you to further optimize your online presence, like improving your website design, adding in elements that allow you to convert leads into customers (like a Call to Action or CTA button), improving your website’s user experience (UX) and user interaction (UI), and a lot more.

Loyica can also offer Marketing Automation services by providing software platforms and technologies that are designed to help marketing teams and organizations automate mechanical and repetitive tasks especially when the business is using multiple marketing channels. And a Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) software, which is primarily used to manage businesses’ interactions with their potential and existing customers. CRM systems use the data and information gathered from the customer’s previous transactions with the company to personalize and customize the approach of the company towards that customer, expecting to improve customer satisfaction, retention, and sales.

Jumping Into the Bandwagon

Growth within marketing needs to be redefined, and it needs to shake up the market as it happens. Growth can come in multiple forms, like new accounts, markets, product lines, and acquisitions. However, you have to examine what type of trends influence the growth of companies. To understand more about these trends, here is a list for you:

1.    Existing customer growth is the new ‘net new’

There has been an obsession with creating “net new logos’ with companies and investors. There is no doubt that new consumers are necessary for a healthy company. However, what is as important is retaining and keeping the existing consumers happy as well. Corporations are seeing their foundations as an important built-in stream of revenue and they are looking for ways to secure them and make them lifetime partners.

This perception changes how sales and marketing work within the corporation. Now, instead of just focusing on how to get as many customers as possible, sales and marketing teams need to create ways to please the existing customers as well. This creates a more solid foundation, which in turn allows the happy existing customers to bring in new customers with them as well. Understand that this is still in line with the philosophy the people-first approach espouses, and that is making your customers happy.

2.   Accounts are the new leads.

Leads are difficult to handle. They burn resources, take up the time of the marketing, and often end up annoying the individual they were trying to reach in the first place. While valuable to the sales team, it has been proven that it is not really the most effective approach. Therefore, the solution is to shift to understanding the best account opportunities.

Rather than creating leads, the effort can instead be shifted to developing more personalized ways to reach integral stakeholders within target accounts. Modern data tools can now be utilized to gauge account interest and predictive analytics can identify the best accounts. Loyica Systems can provide for these tools to help your business grow.

3.   Brand effort equals stellar results

As emphasis is being placed on driving growth within specific accounts and existing customers, a crucial effort should be allocated to assure key decision makers know your brand. Demand gets much easier and more effective when prospects understand your brand. For example, take a look at your search marketing program effort and performance. Typically, branded keywords convert much higher than general keyword topics. To know more about branding, Loyica Solutions has Creative and Marketing segments that allow you to reach your customers and drive growth for your business effectively.

Wrapping Up

Your marketing strategies online have to be well thought of. The technologies that you deploy should be used for customer-centered use cases and they should address the human experience. This is because the modern-day customers are different. They know more about technology and they now demand value, accountability, transparency, authenticity, and above all, personalization.

To separate yourself from the competition, your business should be able to offer an experience that consumers long for or else it will end up forgotten. It should be sensitive to trends so your strategies can drive your business growth and help it survive in a turbulent business environment. To get expert services related to your Creative and Marketing needs, ask for Loyica Solutions.

Loyica Solutions has four segments: Creative, Marketing, Strategy, and Development. Loyica offers businesses a full-suite of expert-level services that address all aspects of the companies' digital requirements such as online marketing in different channels, graphic design, online content, apps and website development, customer-relations management and more. Loyica's solution enables businesses to build the digital presence they need with greater effectiveness, high quality, and with an alternatively lower cost.

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