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Running a business is becoming more and more difficult as technology continuously evolves, influencing the way the consumer and supplier markets interact with each


Loyica Team
Apr 02 2019
How Loyica helped a consulting firm get clients

Running a business is becoming more and more difficult as technology continuously evolves, influencing the way the consumer and supplier markets interact with each other. Consumers’ buying habits are changing, with younger generations exhibiting a more distinct purchasing pattern compared to previous generations. Suppliers, manufacturers, retailers, and even providers of raw materials are also changing the way they look at production and distribution. Efficiency is becoming key to doing business. A slight difference in output can spell disaster.


With all these turbulence in the business environment, why do we still see startups flourishing? How do small and medium enterprises compete against dominating giant companies? Will there ever be a chance for growing companies to gain larger market shares in markets where multinational companies are leading?


These are all frequently asked questions, often raised by budding entrepreneurs and starting businesses. And one company took the challenge to be the leading management consulting firm that envisions to assist new businesses and market entrants to gain a foothold in markets they want to penetrate.


How did Loyica help this company’s vision to be implemented?


First and most importantly, Loyica’s vision has to be aligned with this company’s vision. And right from the start, the partnership was forged with the common vision of helping other businesses, making the partnership stronger.


The company Loyica was assisting wanted only two things: simple and user-friendly, two things that Loyica is extremely good at.


Make no mistake, achieving simplicity is not easy. To put less means we need to ensure we know what are the most important elements on a business website or on a business platform. And we have to play around their strengths. We also have to make the whole things cohesive, as removing some elements to achieve simplicity may cause others to malfunction.


Helping companies help small businesses


The company that Loyica was assisting is fully dedicated to helping small businesses with their starting needs: registrations, compliance, intellectual property. There are a lot of requirements that small businesses must comply and Loyica recognized the level of difficulty of integrating all of these elements together to put up a simple and user-friendly platform.


But Loyica’s experts love challenges. So they first laid out the plan to tackle these challenges. What they did was to identify what needs to be done to achieve the desired output of the client.

Overcoming the challenges


Loyica recognized that the platform involves multiple exchanges, there will be a lot of pages, and all of these have to be simplified. The end-to-end new market consulting service that Loyica’s client does require information-heavy pages. Remember, for new businesses to survive, they must gather and study the information derived from the market.  Information becomes their offensive and defensive tool. And to put a lot of information to a platform that requires simplicity is no easy task. So Loyica did what it had to do, it simplified content and the pages while balancing depth and complexity of content.


The next thing Loyica did was to ensure the user experience (UX) will go smoothly. As the client wanted a user-friendly platform, Loyica had to ensure that the complex requirements and steps required from market entrants will not overwhelm the users of the platform. It has to be direct, simple, and easy to understand and navigate.


And because Loyica knew that the client had to deal with different businesses from various industries, Loyica must ensure that each user has a clear and distinct user journey. Loyica had to streamline user experience with every segment.


Simplifying the user journey


With the site involving an overwhelming amount of content, Loyica made sure that the hundreds of pages and dozens of steps are simplified with three simple tools that are easy to use.


  • Segmented Search - On the landing page, the first page the user sees when visiting the platform, Loyica provided a custom search bar so that users can head directly to what they are looking for.
  • Cost Comparison Tool - After selecting a service, users are directly informed of the costs involved in starting a business. They are also presented with the processes involved to guide them in making decisions. Simplifying this step allowed users to make quick decisions.
  • Call to Action (CTA) - To make sure that every user of the platform becomes actual clients for the company Loyica is assisting, we ensured that users can always select an action, during the journey, after coming up with a decision. Loyica kept the design simple and straightforward, and the CTA button bold and clear.




Loyica wanted to cover every goal and desired benefit of the client, and so it did. It mapped out the entire site, making sure that the platform will not miss anything, and everything offers the comprehensive but simple information the client required. Loyica also recognized that structure was the most important foundation of a website, so it made sure that the structure it built was the right one for the business before populating content to the platform. Doing it also gave Loyica a high level overview of a platform that offers comprehensive yet simple information.




Loyica’s experts in design offered a wide array of selections for the client to choose from. Typographies and color palettes that match the client’s vision, mission, and brand. For a simple yet professional-looking typography, Montserrat was agreed to be used by both Loyica and the client, giving the platform a sophisticated outlook while conforming to standards of simplicity. The color palettes also matched the client’s brand: modern, exciting, and approachable. We used colors between the hues of blue, orange, and purple.


Gaining International Clients


After the platform, Loyica’s client was ready to introduce it to their customers. With the increasing number of businesses wanting to enter new and existing markets, it was not difficult for the platform to gain prominence in business circles locally and internationally.


Customers have found it easy to start the business with the platform developed by Loyica and with its easy-to-use features and straightforward user experience, Loyica’s client no longer found it necessary to promote the platform as users themselves have been endorsing it to others.


This is one of the benefits of working with a tech company that knows what it is doing. With a team of experts that understands your business needs, creating a platform according to your requirements is something Loyica is dedicated at.


In this case, it was also easier because the visions of both companies, Loyica and the client, are aligned: helping others succeed. With the platform, new businesses have found it easier to survive the harsh market conditions because of the simple yet comprehensive information the platform provides.




Loyica made sure that marketing technology is redefined with a platform that allows not only new business owners to penetrate new and existing markets but also allows them to survive with its comprehensive yet simple-to-understand information that it offers. It was easy to say that the partnership was meant to be a success, with aligning visions and goals of helping businesses succeed, both Loyica and the client easily breezed through the planning stage. It was easy to get things straight, to identify the goals, and to set the requirements. Loyica also understood how much simplicity and user-friendliness can push the platform further into international markets, not only helping the client but also its customers succeed with their businesses.

If you are in the business of marketing technology or maybe you are planning to develop a platform to help small businesses, Loyica is the right company for you. We understand what it means to start as a company and we understand how costs can risk your company’s survival. We promise to provide quality and we excel at thinking long-term, how we can help your business grow after our partnership.

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