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Marketing is more than just presenting a product or a service—it’s also about knowing what people need and filling


Loyica Team
Nov 03 2019
Cruising Through Marketing Trends With Loyica

Marketing is more than just presenting a product or a service—it’s also about knowing what people need and filling that gap in the market. That is why it is such a dynamic and fast-paced field—consumer needs are constantly changing according to where they are from, what they have been previously exposed to, and how they could be influenced by their surroundings.

Marketers of the past were obliged to rely on a variety of different methods. These include television and radio marketing, direct marketing, news print marketing, and more. While they are not as prevalent as modern internet marketing methods, they are still relevant today because they have remained popular for certain audiences. You may find yourself dabbling in traditional methods every once in a while.

Regardless of whether you are using traditional marketing or internet marketing to spread word of your business, there have been some salient trends in the field that have been a highlight for marketers in the past few years and it won’t hurt to fall back on them during times of doubt.

So as a marketer, how do you think you can keep up with the times? With all the information that we are exposed to in a single day, you can only process so much before the rest becomes white noise.

Meeting Halfway With Loyica

Loyica is a digital agency that is dedicated to helping you develop your digital footprint. There are two ways that Loyica can leave an impact on your organisation: first, through its systems, and the second is through its solutions.

Loyica systems are a series of purpose-built solutions that can be seamlessly implemented in your organisation. These systems can be found in Marketing, Human Resources, and Finance. In addition to the framework, they are also built with a variety of tools to help marketers work on their tasks and activities.

On the other hand, solutions are the digital equipment that you will need to establish your presence on the internet. This includes SEO work, Social Media, PPC, and Content Writing.

Now, we at Loyica know how important it is for business owners and marketers to make the most out of every decision they make. As much as possible, the goal is to get things right the first time around. How can this happen?

These trends are going to be crucial in maintaining your position as a marketer throughout the modern market. Here’s a quick look at what each one is all about.

Defining The Customer Experience

It’s not in the quantity of customers that you reach out to, but the quality of service you can provide to the ones that you manage to bring in. This is the principle of retention over acquisition, when you focus more on keeping the customers you have already come across instead of always being on the lookout for more to come.

Of course, in an ideal situation it would be best to have a balance between the two. However, there are some occasions where you will need to prioritise one or the other—and recent trends have shown that it is more beneficial if you work on improving the customer experience of those who return to your product or service. In such an interconnected world, returning customers are a strong indication that your business excels in what it does. In addition, these customers are likely to tell the people within their social circles about their positive experience.

Gathering Leads Through Accounts

It can be a real hassle to go out there and look for leads. They burn up your resources, take up your time, and are not usually the best way to present yourself to your future customers. If worst comes to worst (and I find that it usually does with most traditional lead-generating methods), you end up making the wrong impression and sending out the wrong idea for your brand.

Marketers need to focus more on developing personalised ways to reach the stakeholders they are looking for within the target accounts. There are tons of tools out there that are at your disposal to help you accurately gauge account interest and identify the best accounts for you. In this respect, it’s important to find the right tools for your organisation so that you can get straight to reaping the benefits of your hard work.

Orchestrating Your Approach

At first glance, any sort of automation may immediately seem innovative and revolutionary. Hold your horses—you first have to take a step back and discern whether this app, tool, or digital feature is the right fit for your organisation. All the time, money, and effort you put into integrating it would be wasted otherwise.

This is because every organisation is established and has grown in their own unique ways. Every team has their own way of getting things done. As such, you need to keep a sharp eye out for tools that are out there in the market, offering generic band-aid solutions that do not make the best out of your investment. Make sure that all your systems are geared towards enhancing the processes that are already in place, and that they work cohesively towards allowing production to flow smoothly.

Strengthening Brand Identity

When potential customers see your brand, what is the first thing that would come to their minds? While it is definitely important to put an emphasis on driving growth within specific accounts and existing customers, make sure that you don’t forget about extending your brand’s reach. This is beneficial because you will experience an easier, effective, and more meaningful increase in demand when your prospects understand what your brand is all about.

In the end, your best bet in a business or work companion is a software that knows how to adjust to the realities of what you do and how you are doing it. At Loyica, we are dedicated to making services that can fit that profile. Our work is designed to adapt to you.

The Loyica team is available around the clock to answer your questions. See the Loyica difference for yourself today.

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