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Disruptive innovation caused by the never-ending struggle to improve technology has opened a lot of markets and ways to interact with consumers. Businesses competing


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Sep 03 2019
Increase your Sales by Getting an App for Your Business

Disruptive innovation caused by the never-ending struggle to improve technology has opened a lot of markets and ways to interact with consumers. Businesses competing for the market’s attention are faced with the challenge of adapting to what’s new. In an ultra-competitive environment, a slight mistake- like the inability to adjust their marketing strategy- has caused businesses to fail. Conversely, those who were able to discover first and dominate these new ways of interacting with their customers are almost always rewarded with a larger market share.

With the ways of interaction changing and shaped by technology, companies have been coming up with innovative methods to reach out to their target markets. One of the most successful ways to bring companies closer to their customers is to develop an app that makes doing business easier and more convenient to customers.

What is an app?

An app, or application, is something that is downloaded by a user or a customer to a mobile device. It is a computer software or program developed by a company to simplify business transactions and interactions over the Internet. For example, a clothing company can develop an app that customers can download and use to shop, purchase, or return clothes they bought.

How to develop an app?

Developing an app starts with an idea and it must highlight the problem that exists in the market that you seek to solve. For example, an app that makes it easier for customers to purchase products online is an app that was able to identify the problem of inconvenience brought about by going to brick-and-mortar stores just to purchase something.

Apps must also be able to identify, in detail, the target market. Who are you serving this app for? Why them? Can they bring your business any good? Are you serving a niche market? These questions should be raised to be able to know the people you are developing this app for. Knowing your target allows you to craft a precise and responsive marketing strategy suited to their needs.

Another thing to consider is the app design or the UI design. The User Interface (UI) design is the process of determining an interface design that makes it easier and enjoyable for users when using the app. It focuses on maximizing usability and user experience. The UI design is a crucial factor in determining the success of an app. After this, you also need to identify the approach in developing the app. So far, there are three popular approaches: native, web, or hybrid.

Native apps are platform-specific and are difficult to develop. They are also costly, as they require expertise and more time to be developed. Despite all of this, native apps are said to deliver the best user experience. Web apps are those that can run on multiple platforms. Because of their flexibility, they are easy to make and require less time for them to be developed. They are usually made using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code. Compared to native apps, web apps deliver a weaker impact on user experience. Today, most developers prefer the hybrid approach as it combines pre-built native containers with an integrated web coding to maximize the benefits of the previously mentioned approaches. Using this approach, developers augment the web code with native language to develop features that the developer envisioned. Also, through this approach, the developer can access native Application Programming Interface (APIs) that are not available through JavaScript.

With all these, the developer can now make a prototype. The prototype must be able to smoothly execute the ideas taken into consideration when making the app. It also has to be secured against unauthorized usage and access to data. An analytics tool must also be included to check whether the app is working as it is supposed to. These tools let you know how many visitors are checking your webs, how they arrived at your site, and how to encourage them to keep coming back. After this, you can start launching a beta test. This allows you to identify bugs and eliminate them for the final product launching. This also allows you to get to know your market more, based on their feedback. After releasing the app, don’t stop and keep on analyzing the metrics. These are necessary to keep on improving your app, making it perfect for your customers. Upgrading your app and adding new exciting features motivates your customers to keep on using your app, achieving whatever objective you’ve had when you were still developing the app.

Increasing your Sales

With a perfectly working app, customers are now able to check your products anytime, anywhere. The app can also allow them to make purchases, give reviews, and send feedback for improvement. These are all recipes to better sales. Encouraging customer purchases also helps establish brand loyalty. All of these are necessary especially when the business is engaging with tech-savvy generations.

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