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The emergence of 5G, which is the fifth generation wireless mobile communications, has a major impact on how the amazing internet services are delivered. There are


Loyica Team
Feb 21 2019
How 5G is capable of unlocking IoT’s potential

The emergence of 5G, which is the fifth generation wireless mobile communications, has a major impact on how the amazing internet services are delivered. There are numerous advantages when it comes to using 5G services such as high data rates, reduced latency, energy savings, cost reductions, and higher system capacity.

One of the biggest 5G potential to affect the contemporary world is the Internet of Things (IoT). In light of this, the question arises on how can 5G have a huge impact on IoT as far as business is concerned and in what ways can it help unlock the enormous potential of IoT for consumers and businesses?

It is said that the IoT will involve or require a huge amount of data and the next generation of wireless communication which is the 5G could play a key role in this regard.

 Slow roll out

Availability of 5G in a broader spectrum cannot take place overnight. It requires a lot of time and effort. It is said by Paul Bevan that “Deployment of complete 5G is some way away yet.” He also mentioned that they are likely to see a rolling deployment of 5G capabilities somewhere after 2020. Moreover, it is also said that the best ever 5G rollout will be functional until around 2025.

5G for Enterprises

For enterprises, 5G will be running parallel with the technology providing it would complete support but it will not have any solution within itself. As there are a number of vertical industries use cases being suggested so they will probably involve robotics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. Each will require different data rate, speed, latency, reliability, and coverage, and location accuracy. Bevan said, that the rate at which enterprises adopt the consumption of 5G will depend on perceived business value and the rate at which they require 5G services.

5G in terms of Economic Factors

As 5G will be having its roots over everything by 2025, it will also have an impact on the economic factors. The network operation faced significant capital investments in the coming years on top of their already most important investments in 4G. Moreover, network operators will also take a look at new tools and techniques in order to reduce the capital and operating costs of future 5G networks.

Impact on IoT

The initial target of 5G in terms of IoT will include smartphones and 5G will show its capabilities on mobile online gaming, video streaming, virtual and augmented reality. The business-oriented IoT will take place when it has to handle massive data volumes with high transaction rates from remote or mobile locations. 5G will be having the ability to capture data from remote sensors, transfer it to large data centers and will be applied to AI and machine learning data science techniques. Enterprises are really looking forward to seeing the biggest gains in this regard.

IoT without 5G

It is a known fact that 5G might enhance many aspects of IoT. However, it does not mean it will take over all the next generation of wireless network capabilities. However, it will still be widely used by many enterprises, types of machinery and smartphones in the near future.


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