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Becoming the best IT software company is any start-up’s dream. While the path might be difficult to follow, it is not impossible. There will be daunting challenges


Loyica Team
Aug 24 2019
How to Become the Top IT Software Company in Dubai

Becoming the best IT software company is any start-up’s dream. While the path might be difficult to follow, it is not impossible. There will be daunting challenges along the way and more obstacles will arise but the road to being the best was never easy.

You probably already have a product, a few talented and dedicated staff and engineers but you are nowhere near the top yet. This article will feature some of the best practices of the world’s most successful IT companies. Some might be lofty ideals for a new firm and this might discourage others from trying but do not let this defeat the purpose why your company wants to be the best in Dubai.

Keep Technologies Updated

As an IT company, one of the main things that you need to constantly invest in is keeping the technologies you use updated, especially when it comes to providing services. Being up to date has many benefits. This could keep your own systems secure from potential cyber-attacks. This also means that your clients are protected from vulnerabilities that can compromise the quality of your services.

Having regular updates through patches also address potential issues that arise from design flaws or other previous shortcomings.

Organize Projects and Deadlines

Customers love it when companies are able to meet their deadlines. It does not only increase customer satisfaction but also cuts down costs. Developers can either nail down a scope for a certain project right in the head or they can be way off—to the frustration of the client. Being able to accurately scope projects and work by the set deadlines is ideal but sometimes more time is just needed to produce the final product.

Try using systems that allow for the workflow of your teams to be integrated into one interface that tracks progress, workflows, and task assignments. This will effectively show you which team is lagging behind with targets and you can make decisions to focus resources on those that need it the most. This is a proactive way of addressing the issues which minimizes the chances of going over the deadline.

Have Consistent Branding and Marketing campaigns across different platforms

A majority of people are on the internet and creating advertising campaigns on different platforms will allow you to reap many benefits. However, these campaigns must be appropriate for each specific platform that you use. They should be tailored to your audience. The most important factor is that they are able to carry the message of your brand and your products.

As an IT company, a good understanding of these platforms is key to introducing campaigns that work for your target audience. Do not focus on just one platform as you are limiting your reach. As much as possible, a consistent message throughout is the best way to make sure that your customers know your brand and are able to distinguish it from other competitors.

Tailoring specific content and unique products for your business also helps it stand out from the rest. This can often be done by studying data and identifying the needs of your target audience.

Have a good grasp of regulations and laws 

You do not need a law degree to find out about the most basic laws for your IT business. However, a good understanding of these regulations would do you good. It helps your company comply with laws and regulations and it also helps you in making smarter decisions.

While these regulations are ever changing and different requirements are needed for every change, there are many software in the market that can improve regulatory compliance. You can also choose to develop your own.

Consulting a business attorney also helps your business with compliance. Though their services might cost a lot, it is nothing compared to the hefty fines you could pay upfront if you are found breaking the law.

Keep Educating Your Employees

Many IT companies in Silicon Valley invest in the education of their employees. Having skilled workers ensure that your company have competent employees that are able to innovate and keep competition fierce when it comes to developing new products.

Learning also keeps employees satisfied as they gain new skills that they can use in their fields. This keeps them motivated to help your company grow. There are many opportunities for growth. Some companies have developed modules that include several topics from skills trainings on innovative use of existing programming languages to creating a company culture that values diversity.

Investing in good education programs for your employees is a decision you would not regret.

The difficult path

Being one of the top IT software agencies in Dubai is an ambitious undertaking that is not for the faint of heart and the easily discouraged. It will take time, but with enough effort and perseverance, it will lead you closer to your business goals.

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