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Loyica has over a hundred clients in its portfolio and each client has a unique vision, different needs, and very specific business profiles. It was difficult at


Loyica Team
Apr 02 2019
How an Investment advisory firm grew internationally

Loyica has over a hundred clients in its portfolio and each client has a unique vision, different needs, and very specific business profiles. It was difficult at first, but with Loyica’s team of experts, the task was executed perfectly.

Almost all clients would agree that Loyica has never failed to make them feel like family. We always try to understand where the client is coming from, what the needs of the client’s company are, and what they want to do. Loyica always tries to align its vision with other companies, often by luck or by fate, intertwined: making others’ business lives easier.

Here at Loyica, we are seriously dedicated to making businesses grow. We impart our knowledge in systems and business solutions to take companies higher and watch them dominate their industries. But we do not just do business for huge companies. We are also committed to making businesses even the smaller ones experience stability, growth, and prosperity. Loyica assists its clients in mapping out the future for their companies and ensuring success along the way.

This is a case study about how Loyica helped an investment and advisory firm gain international foothold. And we proudly write this as we continue to partner with this firm.

Client Profile

The investment and advisory firm that we are talking about started with humble beginnings, but with a strong vision to help small companies grow. This is the same vision as Loyica’s.

The firm is responsible for scouting small businesses with the potential to dominate markets. It lends assistance financially, through providing capital, enough for the business to stand firm and deliver results. But to do this, the firm must be able to find clients to help and it cannot do it alone.

Loyica proudly stepped in and assisted this firm when they asked our help. We summoned our creative team to consult with the firm and discuss what they envision to do with our technology. Loyica mapped out the entire system to them, making changes and adjustments along the way to ensure that the whole project aligns with the interests and branding of the firm.

The Process

We know, through our conversations and exchanges with the firm, that the project’s most important element is its design. It has to have a smooth and easy-to-use user interface design that will not confuse new users. It has to simplify processes, ensuring that a sophisticated system will only offer a straightforward and minimalistic approach to client acquisition. The color of the platform must make it comfortable to use, not confusing, not displeasing, but the right balance to achieve a harmony of design elements.

Loyica also had to make sure that the transitions from pages to pages are smooth, fast, and reliable. The development team had to test and try, from the beginning, the product and check it for possible bugs. If we detected some, we fix them right away. Loyica is proud of its dedication to perfection. We only want the best for the best.

Front End, UX Design

Because we know our client invests in entrepreneurs who are building emerging technologies to support all-ages education, we have to build a working website designed to fit their needs. We understood that the information architecture was complex, so we have to build a website with an intuitive User Experience (UX) design. It also has to be accessible to all types of devices, so we designed the website to be flexible enough to adapt to any device. We wanted the design to be simple, modern, and, interactive.

When we had a clear idea of what the themes are, we had to increase functionality and user-friendliness, two elements that make up a successful website. We wanted the site to reflect our client’s institutional identity and brand, and focus on cutting-edge technology.

We also wanted it to adopt a minimalist style while maintaining a corporate, professional look. We wanted the website to be easy and enjoyable while remaining experimental and innovative.

Gaining International Foothold

We understand the desire to help others and so we only want the perfect tool for that. After a series of tests, the launching of the platform went smoothly. Gaining international foothold was easy for the firm. The concept was great, the design was great, and the product adds value to companies itself. But those were not enough. There are barriers to entry when penetrating international markets: different cultures, different buying habits, different preferences, and different customer profiles, among others.

How did we overcome this challenge?

It was easy. We made sure that the design of the product was impeccable and universal that anyone, regardless of nationality and culture, will be able to use the product with ease. We made sure, that the client’s value- its ability to support small and starting businesses- are seen, highlighted, emphasized, and taken right away at the first glance of the platform’s interface. It was not difficult to do. The clients may be unique by themselves and they may have different needs and preferences but Loyica’s experience came in handy when it comes to knowing customers in general.

Loyica also made sure that the transitions from pages to pages will go fast and smoothly, that the product operates without any problem and the pages will load quickly. We also added more options and features for the customers to choose from, making sure that we are not just empowering customers to decide for themselves, but also making sure that customers are informed thoroughly of what these options include and entail.

Simple yet sophisticated

When we studied the design of the platform, we knew it was going to be difficult to make. The complexity involved and the hundreds of pages it holds will affect its performance. This is where the number one goal of the team responsible for the product’s design came in. If there was one thing that unites the overall design of the product, it is its simplicity and sophistication, which will only be made possible when you are working with the best.

Update and Maintenance

As markets continue to evolve and change, especially when economies are hit hard by unforeseen events, it is natural for customer preferences to change as well. All these shifts and fluctuation of economic elements may seem overwhelming, but these did not hold us back from studying the needed adjustments. We were keen on updating the platform and maintaining it, implementing the necessary changes to ensure that the product stays relevant in the market, that it stays true to its vision of helping businesses grow. We made sure that the product remains accessible, even making it more accessible, to a growing number of customers all over the world. We made sure that we will not stop at anything just to make our client’s firm grow.

Timeless Design

We understand that trends change from time to time, including trends in design. We wanted the website and the overall platform to remain functional despite the changes in trends, and most importantly remain edgy in terms of design.

We chose for a design that would last for a long time, a design that the client will not regret having, something that can still keep up with the changes in customer preferences. With the themes: simple, modern, interactive, we made sure the design will go beyond the years.


We were looking at the prospect of gaining an international foothold for our client, so we made sure that the design is flexible and relatable while remaining functional. Something so simple yet so sophisticated.

So in the end, we stayed true to our vision, and we stayed true to our client’s vision. We only want perfection. And we only want success. But it starts with you. Help us help you. Contact Loyica now.

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