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WordPress is one of the popular platforms for web developers to create a site. This is because it has the perfect means to inspire not only the administrator but


Loyica Team
May 28 2019
WordPress 3.5 Gets A Media Management Makeover

WordPress is one of the popular platforms for web developers to create a site. This is because it has the perfect means to inspire not only the administrator but also the viewers. Developers are using the latest version of WordPress 3.5 because of the following features:

Presence of New Media Manager

One of the excellent features added in WordPress 3.5 is the new media management tools. It provides a good streamlined user interface that helps you create galleries with the drag and drop option. Along with the line caption editing, simplified controls are present. The developer can easily add multiple images at one time by just using the short keys.

Presence Of The Default Themes

There are a variety of default themes available that are simple, beautiful, appealing and elegant. The best part is that these are all responsive so you can use them confidently as it will work not only on the user’s PC but also on the mobiles. It uses the latest theme features and gives elegance to your site.

See a lot of enhancements for admin.

Another essential feature that has been added on this platform is the addition of new enhancements. You will find, on the new welcome screen, the all-new Retina Ready admin,  along with getting accessibility for multiple users like keyboard users, touch devices and screen readers with all late color picks.

New Functions Additions

There are a lot of new functions added that help the web developer to create an excellent site for the viewers. These functions not only make the platform user-friendly for the audience but the site owners can also make changes quickly. Some of the key functional features include

  • The counting of the public post
  • UI taxonomies are hidden
  • Get edit user link function is added
  • Addition of clean blog cache, wp check date, wp prepare attachment and much more

Overall appearance

The overall appearance is cool and awesome. It provides the facility to hide the widgets if your theme does not define the sidebars. There is an improvement in the custom display of the headers with the Jquery masonry.

There are a lot of other features added for the developers to utilize and create the best innovative pages for the viewers. There you will find the fixed images features and no more bugs in the design. Everything is well organized so it can help you build the page to get the boost in the search engine ranking. Web developers can now add proper content, images, and videos to make a perfect look for the page. This, in return, allows you to get the best appearance of the page that people would love to visit again and again thus improving brand recognition. The use of an appropriate WordPress theme, appropriate color schemes and the best content help empower the site and help in reaching the SEO high ranking in a short time.

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