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As businesses grow, it is often a wise investment to developa software program that complements the purpose of the


Loyica Team
Oct 21 2019
Top Tips to Finding the Best Software Company in Dubai

As businesses grow, it is often a wise investment to develop a software program that complements the purpose of the brand. Whether it be a mobile app or a standalone desktop program, choosing the best company to create software can be a difficult task even for the most experienced. In this article, we will be giving tips on choosing the best software company for any business.

Read Reviews

When searching for leads on the best companies in an area, one might be overwhelmed by the sheer number of companies and firms that come up as part of the search results. Narrowing down this list is essential. One effective way to narrow it down is by reading reviews. Google and Facebook are good sources to read reviews for businesses as both sites offer comprehensive rating systems with comment sections where people can discuss their experiences with the business.

Consider narrowing down the list by choosing only companies that have a 4 out of 5-star rating.

Look at the company’s work portfolio

It does not hurt to do research and look at the company’s latest work. Having an idea about the type of work a software company does can give clues about the processes and the technological expertise that the company currently has. Depending on the platform, some companies might offer better software solutions for mobile app development while others might have strengths in developing systems for Windows, UNIX, or Mac Os.

A company’s portfolio will also ideally showcase the work they have done for other clients who have been satisfied with their services. This not only gives prospective clients a glimpse of the type of work the company can do, but it also speaks about the amount of experience the company has. Generally, more clients mean more challenges that were successfully overcome.


Nothing is free in this day and age. Looking for companies with competitive prices is one of the more challenging tasks in choosing the best software company for software development. For example, developing an iOS app costs approximately $95 per hour. However, it does not really end there. With many development companies, scoping work can either be a hit or miss and prices for developing software can easily skyrocket and become harder to manage.

Companies that are able to scope projects well are what businesses need to avoid overspending on issues that could have been resolved during the planning process. Often times, issues arise during the development phase and it requires more hours to complete the project. This adds up to the total cost. A company that offers to fix issues at no additional cost is every business owner’s friend but these are few and hard to find.

Other factors that affect the cost of software development include the cost of IT services, software support issues, Q&A, and many more. It is not surprising that the complete package could range from anywhere between USD 10,000 for low-priced development projects to USD 800,000 for high-priced development.

Identifying how much the business is willing to spend on software development is also influential in selecting the best company.

Delivery Time

Being able to stick to a schedule ensures that the business is not losing any money. Every delay in software development could mean lost opportunities to do business. Asking questions about the time required to finish the project is often avoided during meetings about software development. While an estimate can be given, an exact number of weeks might not come early until all the requirements to complete development are met.

The most important thing is being able to stick to the deadline once all requirements have been met. Delays mean additional costs and it is in the best interest of the business to keep things on track and make software companies accountable to development deadlines.

Proactive Client Support

Software companies should be able to provide proactive support to their existing client base. These could come free of charge for basic services bundled together with software development plans or at an additional fee if development is not done through a set of prearranged agreements. The idea is that a software company must be able to respond to issues that could possibly arise from the early stages of development to the deployment and live phase. The software company can put a self-reporting tool on their website or have a customer service representative ready to address the needs of the clients. The company must be able to understand the objectives that need to be met and coordinate tasks that need to be completed.

Follow-up Services

Once software development is completed, adding additional features to enhance user experience is the next logical thing. Software companies might be able to provide other services that could be added on to the existing software in the future. These services could range from integrated in-app payment methods to extended functionality. Being with a software company that offers follow-up services after software development ensures that business objectives are met. Coordination and task execution is the best if all development needs are with one software company. This lessens the in-betweens of development and makes the process more efficient.

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