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Widgets are the best example of carrying out your Android smartphone tasks faster and with ease. You could argue that one of the best features of Android is the


Loyica Team
Feb 21 2019
The best Weather Widgets for Android

Widgets are the best example of carrying out your Android smartphone tasks faster and with ease. You could argue that one of the best features of Android is the ability to use widgets and these are the handy tools that are present on your home screen. It easily lets you see information at a quick glance without even having to open the application.

Weather fluctuations happen all the time. Whether we are feeling the chills on a chilly day or the warmth from a bright and sunny one, we straight away open up weather apps to check the what the weather is going to be like in the day. This procedure can become a lot more convenient if you customize your home screen with weather widgets where you can easily access the current conditions and forecast as soon as you unlock your device. The following are the best weather widgets for Android and a must have on your smartphones.


1Weather offers a good number of widgets to pick from and it is customizable with different styles and sizes. The widgets can differ in shape from square to circle and in size from 1 x 1 to 5 x 3 blocks on your home screen. However, you can also make some adjustments in the widgets to make your screen look just the way you want. For instance, you can change the background transparency and opacity, the icon set color as well as the accent shade.

Weather Live

Weather Live is an outstanding application that offers an attractive collection of widgets including nine different options. You can pick the 1 x 1 widget that shows you the temperature but if you want to have a look at all the details then this application can offer you an option which will cover your screen with current conditions, clock, lows and highs, upcoming forecast, wind speed and all other weather details you need. You can also adjust the transparency for you widget with a convenient slider and if you mark the checkbox the weather will follow your location and update you in the new area. All you have to do is tap Apply and you are ready to use the amazing features of the app.


When coming onto the good widget choices, AccuWeather also comes in the list. This application does not have many options but the options it offers are worth it.

You can choose from 1 x 1 up to 4 x 2 sized widgets, change its shape by making it a square or a rectangle. You also have the options to adjust the background image opacity, refresh intervals, temperature, time or date and the text color. Moreover, to prepare for your day you can also mark the Jacket icon and change the settings for the time when you want those icons to appear on the display.

By opening this app you can also take a look at the current conditions, hourly and daily forecast, radar, multiple locations, weather news and the sharing options. This app is a must have on your Android smartphones.


Having all the weather updates is necessary in order to keep yourself prepared which is why the above mentioned applications have introduced some brilliant customizable widgets for the users. Users should definitely try these widgets in order to be better informed and keep themselves prepared according to the weather changes.

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