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Every modern organization needs smart mobile engagement strategies to reach the customers whenever and wherever they are. The goal is to increase customer engagement


Loyica Team
May 28 2019
The customer segmentation strategy to get more clients

Every modern organization needs smart mobile engagement strategies to reach the customers whenever and wherever they are. The goal is to increase customer engagement through effective communication strategies.

The easiest approach to reach a potential customer is through mobile devices as majority of the users now prefer the use of mobile phones for communication and dissemination of information.

Reaching your customers to build an effective engagement should be one of your main business strategies. An effective engagement is not just about meeting the customers; it is also about having an operative marketing strategy in reaching potential customers who belong in your niche. It could be easily achieved by promoting relevant and interesting content to the potential customers.

The customer segmentation strategy can enhance your overall business value and the mobile engagement benchmark to build a stronger relationship between your business and community of customers. The strategy splits up the entire customer base into smaller groups by commonalities in demographics to effectively target them.

Let us give you four different tips to segment your customers to achieve a better advertisement reach and to help assess the effectiveness of your communication strategies.

Segment by age

Segmenting your supporter base by general age ranges is useful as it will lead you to easily assess the general preferences based on age groups.  Age is a factor to identify your potential customers. Just by the segmentation of age can help you send out your campaigns to a more specific target and reduce the risk of sending it out to irrelevant customers.

A Customer Relationship Manager (CRM),a software that can help your business manage segmentation. A CRM helps you to keep track of all the customer engagements you have built. You can gather contact information, demographic information (age gender and nationality), geographic location or engagement history of a supporter with your business through CRM.

How age can influence your engagement strategy?

Assess the age of your customer personas. Having a concrete persona with values and preferences eases the marketing decisions. To engage the age segments effectively, find out where your supporters are spending their time online. For instance, youngsters spend more time on Instagram or Facebook and the older working professionals prefer LinkedIn. After knowing this, create specific advertisements to target specific age groups and your targeted marketing effort will always be more effective than a general approach.

Segment by gender

To strengthen mobile customer engagement, another strong segmentation is “Gender”. It splits your supporter population into smaller groups of male, female, or other.

Gender segmentation in conjunction with age gives the opportunity to deeply connect with younger generations who demand informative and interesting marketing outreach. 

Learning more about your customer is crucial. For example, women put more thought into their purchases. Women tend to build a strong relationship with the brand rather than making just a transaction.

Generally, services and products are related to a gender and each gender has common preferences. This helps you narrow your niche and helps you arrive to a more reliable marketing assessment.

Segment by past history of engagement

Customer retention is a key metric for analyzing the engagement strategy and through segmenting by previous history engagement you can strengthen connections with your best customers.

By splitting your customer base into different sections like one time buyers, seasonal buyers, semi regular buyers and dedicated customers you can respond better to different engagement strategies. By segmenting your consumer’s previous histories of engagement you can more effectively increase customer retention.

Reach your segments effectively

To reach your segments effectively, have an interesting marketing strategy with a strong approach. To proactively engage the customers on mobile, here are some helpful tips you can take note of:

  • Send only interesting and beneficial information to your target segments.
  • Collect their feedback about your product, marketing strategies, and customer service.
  • Create a sense of community through membership program or app-based forums for your supporters. This will keep your customers connected to the brand.

To ensure your mobile customer strategy is strong, make sure your emails and websites are highly responsive to mobile and are accessible on any device.

Final Words

Mobile customer engagement can take your business towards success if you have a smart segmentation plan. It can help you communicate better and build stronger relationship with your customers.

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