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User experience (UX) refers to the overall experience a person goes through when using products such as a website or computer application. One of the aspects of user


Loyica Team
Apr 02 2019
Why user experience design is all that matters?

User experience (UX) refers to the overall experience a person goes through when using products such as a website or computer application. One of the aspects of user experience is user experience design. UX design is the process of creating products, often related to software, that provide meaningful and relevant experience to the user. This includes the design of the overall process of acquiring and integrating the product, the general aspects of branding, the product’s design, usability, and its overall and specific functions. Studying UX design means studying anything related to design as experienced by the user.

What do UX designers do?

What UX designers are concerned with is the entire process of acquiring and integrating a product, while thinking through all the stages the product has to go through, from the first usage of the product to providing help, support, after-sales services, updates, and maintenance. Successful products in the market often owe their success to the UX designers behind them.

Three reasons why User Experience Design is all that matters

  1. It motivates the users to use the product

The UX design is responsible for addressing why users use the product, to begin with. And what needs do these users have and how does the design of the product respond to these needs. The UX designer then ensures that the design will be able to provide for these identified needs. Failure to do so means the product’s design has failed as well.

  1. It highlights what people can do with the product

This aspect centers on the product’s functionality: what it can do and why the product is the only thing that can do those things the best.

  1. It sets the product apart from other competing products

The product’s design must be innovative enough to set it apart from the existing products. If they provide the same functionalities and benefits, then the aesthetics must be at least recognizable, pleasing, and jet setting.

User-centric design

Since UX design is multi-disciplinary, the UX designer has to put one thing in mind: to keep the design centered around the comfort of the user. We go back to the basics and the definition of what UX design is all about. It has to consider all the elements involved in the stages of the product from manufacturing to distribution and to usage. The designer must also be able to understand the context of the usage of the product, the specific user requirements identified during the stage the design was conceptualized, the solutions the designer came up with to provide for these specific user requirements, and the overall evaluation of the design.

UX designers in companies like Loyica always factor in the how the design can motivate users to use the product regularly, how it can highlight its functionality, and how the design can set it apart from its competitors.

Loyica’s team of experts in UX design also believe in two things: lucidity and precision. The company understands that during the creative process, it has to factor in branding, UI design, UX design, and motion. What makes the company unique is that it excels at providing world-class UX designs, used by companies all over the world.

The company excels at providing a roadmap of the product features for its clients, and user flows represented in a chart that highlights, again, the user experience. The company also provides site mapping and UX testing and reporting, among others. But more importantly, it makes sure that during the prototyping of the product, the client is satisfied and the user the product is made for will become comfortable using the product.

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