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Cloud technology that emerged in the last decade has greatly changed the perspective of conventional business.

What is cloud communication


Loyica Team
May 28 2019
Agora raises $70 million to accelerate market expansion

Cloud technology that emerged in the last decade has greatly changed the perspective of conventional business.

What is cloud communication technology?

If you are really new to this, then let me first explain what exactly cloud technology is. Cloud technology greatly helps in increasing the remote accessibility of your business. In simple terms, you can think of it as a software-based platform for your business, and you can access it from anywhere. If new startups manage to shift their communication to cloud technology, because they need not install the batch of software then, through a single login application they can manage all the office chores. The ease of use is also mind-blowing. It is as easy to use as the Gmail or Hotmail accounts.

In any hosted service like cloud communication, the business setter also doesn’t have to invest too much in the infrastructure. So the exciting thing is that with little investment, you can earn a lot.

How cloud communication can benefit your business?

Cloud assistance in businesses helps investors a lot. Actually, the popularity behind cloud communication is due to its greater attraction to new entrepreneurs and new startups. As previously stated, cloud technology has entirely changed the perspectives of businesses. Cloud technology is now not only limited to information storage and data security, but it also improves business decision accuracy. Let’s quickly overview some of the benefits of cloud communication:

  • This is undoubtedly an economical solution for small businesses and startups; you really don’t have to invest a lot in the infrastructure. You only have to pay for the server load. Buying the server load will cut off your manual data management costs.
  • Your business will have a digital workspace. Any change in the documentation will be viewed by all of the employees. So it is easy to communicate and collaborate through cloud communication.
  • It greatly reduces the need for separate IT and data management departments.

Agora success story:

Let us discuss the success story of the company. Agora is the live broadcasting company which has laid their foundations on the cloud communication technology. Recently, the total capital raised by the investors reached up to 70 million dollars. Agora is one of the leading RTC (real-time communications) for both websites and cellular applications. The company is now enjoying the position as the most widely used RTC solution with over two billion installations. Its software-defined RT network has a record-breaking 10 billion minutes of communication through the global data centers.

What is next?

Technology has no end, right? Companies like Agora, keep aiming for the best. Now see what the company is hoping to achieve next.

The company has already released the AMG SDK, that is obviously going to be the best solution for game developers. The current project is to develop a new breakthrough in app development by using innovative developing tools that ensure a next level user engagement through real-time communication.

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