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The advent of technology, wider access to the Internet, and people’s innate need to socialize gave birth to hundreds, if not thousands, of prominent social media and


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Jul 14 2019
Grow Your Business with Social Media Marketing

The advent of technology, wider access to the Internet, and people’s innate need to socialize gave birth to hundreds, if not thousands, of prominent social media and social networking companies that made it possible for us to communicate with friends and family, or even strangers, around the world.

Social networking companies like Facebook, for example, recently rose to US$541.5 billion in market cap, with CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s net worth surging by US$3 billion. This only shows how companies that enable communication and connection are being valued in modern-day society.

With limitless connectivity, companies can now use these information superhighways to market their products, show people how they can transform their lives for the better, and rally people to join their advocacies. One of the popular ways to do these, which growing companies are now doing, is utilizing the power of social media marketing.

What is social media marketing?

Social media marketing is the process of establishing long-term, profitable relationships through social media sites. The term “social media sites” generally refers to those sites that provide an online venue for social actions.

Marketing through social media

Because social media provides an avenue for endless social activities, marketing experts have also identified limitless opportunities for the promotion of their products and services. Social media often feeds into the discovery and promotion of new content, things to discover like food, places, beauty products, and basically, anything under the sun. Social media users also conduct searches, reviews, and even buy and sell products online. These activities gave birth to social media marketing. Today, a lot of companies use social media marketing to establish market presence and make long-term profitable relationships with customers locally and abroad.

Creating a social media marketing strategy

There are a lot of ways to do social media marketing. But generally, the first thing you need to do is to identify your business goals and determine if they align with your social media marketing goals. These goals will be your own measurement of success, and they should be S.M.A.R.T.

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Attainable
  • Relevant
  • Time-bound

By making sure your goals are S.M.A.R.T., you will avoid setting unrealistic standards for your business. They also allow you to track how far your business is from attaining its goals, allowing you to see how much growth you have achieved over the years.

Use meaningful metrics

To monitor your business’s growth, use meaningful metrics like how many leads were you able to generate, how many referrals over the Internet were made about your products, how many potential customers converted to actual customers, and many more.

Metrics like these are useful in determining business growth, compared to ‘vanity metrics’ like retweets and likes on your social media posts, of which business values are difficult to prove. 

Also, use different goals for different marketing channels, like how many customers engaged with a paid or sponsored post versus an organic post. And again, ensure that all these goals align with your general marketing strategy.

To develop your social media marketing plan, write down at least three social media marketing goals.

The next thing to do is to keep on learning about your consumers. Who is buying your product? Why is he or she buying your product? When doing this, do not just assume but rather, gather real-world data about your customers. This database you will develop will help and guide you when making strategic business decisions.

After understanding your consumers, try to understand your competitors as well. Remember, they are also after the people you are looking for, so they will do everything they can to get a larger market share. Understanding the way your competitors conduct business allows you to customize your strategic marketing plan to fit the business environment. Identify your unique selling proposition. “Are they selling at a lower price?” “Do they have a better location?” These questions allow you to understand the supplier market you are in, and they help you craft marketing tactics, through social media marketing, to gain a larger market share.

These are just the first few steps in helping your business grow through social media marketing. Remember to have SMART goals and use meaningful metrics to measure your business’s success. And whatever your strategy may be, it is important to keep these in mind as they have been proven to work in several industries. When you are unfamiliar with technologies used in modern businesses, do not hesitate to contact a technology company that can help you implement your marketing plans. Read personal and honest reviews about these companies and make sure they are objective.

Loyica is part of the top technology companies in Dubai, and they will gladly assist you with your social media marketing plans.

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