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A lot of businesses are harnessing the power of technology for better sales generation. Using e-commerce, businesses are now able to reach customers from all around


Loyica Team
Jun 28 2019
4 Best Tips for Effective E-Commerce Web Design

A lot of businesses are harnessing the power of technology for better sales generation. Using e-commerce, businesses are now able to reach customers from all around the world, allowing these customers to browse their products, services, prices, and reviews for their buying decisions. E-commerce also allows a smoother transaction for both the buyer and the seller, even automating the organization of lists of purchases, customer information, and other relevant data useful for businesses.

E-commerce websites may be difficult to program on your own. With the help of e-commerce website builders, business owners can now have their own business websites with e-commerce functionalities in no time. Most of these website builders offer free, although limited, features. Still, at least there are options available to business owners when building their own websites that cost them nothing.

When building your own e-commerce websites, what are the things that you need to be mindful of? What are the fundamentals that you should take into consideration? How do you even start? How do you know it is good enough? To answer these questions, we researched and collected advice from industry experts and the top ecommerce web development company in Dubai and came up with the five best tips for effective e-commerce web design:

  • Know your customer, know your user

Businesses have to know more about their customers, those responsible for keeping the business alive. Customers have common personalities, preferences, personas- this is what you should keep in mind when designing the e-commerce website. Are they tech savvy? Do they prefer more pictures, more reviews? Do they like sharing photos? Do they want rush delivery? These are some of the questions that you should ask to take into account their unique preferences as customers. More importantly, know your users. These are your target market which should include potential customers, those who are going to make purchases in the future. What age bracket are they in? What is their purchasing capacity? What are their buying habits? Knowing the answers to these questions allow you to customize your marketing strategy and make the most out of market opportunities, increasing your sales and increasing your business survivability.

  • Simplicity is key

Perhaps the most overused cliché in design and in business, simplicity still holds a very important value to modern society, especially when we are already overloaded with information every day. Simplicity allows your business to stand out amidst the noise. In fact, a lot of successful businesses utilize simple designs to portray unique and easy-to-engage personalities to their customers. Recently, simple design styles and movements like minimalism gained traction not only in the design world but also in the business world in general. Apple’s minimalism and simplicity allowed it to project itself as a modern, futuristic, and sophisticated brand, setting itself apart from the competition. Logos from over a thousand companies have been changed to reflect this trend. Systems and ways to conduct businesses have also evolved to become simpler and more user-friendly. This is one of the most important things that you should consider when building an e-commerce website. How do you make it simpler and more user-friendly, so your users will not have trouble navigating with your website, making purchases, and reading reviews?

  • Integrate View Cart Buttons

View cart buttons are a trendy function that a lot of e-commerce websites feature. They provide a visible and convenient way for users to review the products they are about to purchase. The view cart button is not just there for convenience. In fact, view cart buttons are also known to help increase conversion rates, where visitors of the sites who have no prior intention of purchasing become actual customers because they were enticed to buy something using the view cart button. When designing the view cart button, make sure it is noticeable, with a size large enough to catch the users’ attention. Also, make sure that its colors allow it to stick out from the background.

  • Honesty is the best.pricing strategy?

When pricing for the transactions done on the e-commerce website, make sure that you are honest and transparent about how much you are charging your customers for their purchases. Avoid imposing hidden charges and as much as possible, try to make a pricing system that already informs the customers how much they will be paying if they are buying something. For example, if you are charging customers based on distance during deliveries, inform the customer from the start that you are doing this and your rates are based on the distance traveled during deliveries. This pricing strategy not only gives a good impression to users, first-time visitors, and loyal customers, but it also encourages them to make purchases again in the future, as they do not feel cheated.

These are some of the tips that you can take into consideration when designing your own e-commerce website. Make sure to follow these tips well and enjoy watching your e-commerce business grow.

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