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There are no clear-cut rules to achieving business success. Companies that are now considered successful are often there with a mix of luck, strategy, and effective


Loyica Team
Apr 02 2019
Leading with an effective Client Management System

There are no clear-cut rules to achieving business success. Companies that are now considered successful are often there with a mix of luck, strategy, and effective business decisions. As most managers are aware of, strategies work differently and depending on the industry their company is in. But successful businesses often have something in common: they know how to get new customers and they know how to listen to them. In tight competitions, better service can set a company apart from the others.

Decades ago, businesses often rely on traditional ways of acquiring new customers and managing existing ones. They rely on people to give the sales pitch, to follow up on customer concerns, and sometimes even going to extents of traveling distances just to make sure that the customer is happy with their product or services.

All of these are considered outdated methods nowadays. With the advent of technology, communication has become instantaneous, bridging distances and reducing the time consumed, waiting for responses. Companies can now call their customers anytime, anywhere and conversely, customers can now send order requests, feedback, or support tickets to companies with just a click of a button. All of these are made possible with an effective lead and client management system.

What is a lead and client management system?

A lead and client management system is what allows you to efficiently and effectively manage your customer database while automating the processes involved like the organization of data, management of tasks, and generation of reports, among others.

A great example of an effective lead and client management system is Saphyte, developed by Loyica, one of the leading tech companies in Dubai. Saphyte allows you to organize customer information and let these customers send ticket requests, allowing for a prompt and specific response to address customer issues. Saphyte then ensures customer satisfaction, improving customer relationships and sales as a result.

Saphyte’s Free, Basic, Advanced, and Enterprise Features

Saphyte has four features depending on the plan: free, basic, advanced, and enterprise. The free features offer efficient lead and client management services, duplicate management, and a free 0.5GB storage space, among others.

The basic plan, which sells at USD15 a month per user, has all the free features plus role-based access, campaigns, pre-defined reports, system logs, and support, among others. The free storage space also increases to 3GB. The advanced plan, which sells at USD50 a month per user, has an extremely useful feature they call “Ticket and Requests System.” This feature allows users to send tickets anytime, anywhere providing 24/7 customer support to clients’ customers. This plan also offers Form Builder, Workflow Automation, Email Templates (which provides convenience to those who are not experts at sending professional emails), and Email Marketing, a feature that allows companies to keep customers in the loop by sending emails regularly about product discounts, prizes, freebies, and rewards.

The enterprise plan sells at around USD99 a month per user. It provides the most powerful features you can ever have in a CRM program. Not only will each user have an additional 50GB storage space for free, but they will also enjoy valuable features like Sales Forecasting Reports, Custom Reports, Landing Pages, Product Catalogs, Order and Quote Management, among others.

If you are planning to establish sales dominance in your market, these are the features you need. Not only will they make buying products from your company easier and more convenient, but they also offer more options for your customers to interact with you. Product Catalogs allow you to display a list of your products, their details, and reviews and the Order and Quote Management provides a convenient way for you to check which customer is buying and how many items they want to purchase, allowing you to live an easier business life.

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