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Facebook has been running a program that pays your child a great $20 gift card voucher each month in exchange for near-unlimited access to the data on their smart


Loyica Team
Feb 21 2019
Your child using banned app

Facebook has been running a program that pays your child a great $20 gift card voucher each month in exchange for near-unlimited access to the data on their smart Apple and Android devices.

By installing this custom root certificate, Facebook can easily see what websites your child browse into and what they tell their friends about it. Moreover, they can even figure out what has been written in their emails as well.

This invite-only program still exists on Android but Apple seems to take a step back from it due to Facebook’s new data-mining deal. This data-mining deal is a rebranded version of the previous Onavo VPS-turned-spyware application. Apple asked Facebook to remove this from the App store in the previous year.

Facebook aims to gather all the personal details that users do on their smart devices. If you are concerned that your child is paying for their monthly Fortnite DLC purchases by telling all their secrets to Facebook, then Loyica will help you go through their research program.

Will Facebook Apologize If It Gets Caught?

Facebook's spokesperson highlighted the key factors of this market research program. In spite of the previous reports, there was nothing secret about this: it was just a Facebook Research Application. People were paid to participate in this program and their permission was taken. Moreover, most kids who participated were teenagers and they signed up a parents consent form too.

However, why would Facebook apologize if everything happened with consent? Facebook continues this Research on Android and it will soon initiate on iOS as well.

Programs Activity

All those who are thinking of signing up should weigh their benefits and consequences first. Personal data are of greater value than a couple of dollars. Fortunately, it is still unclear whether the program is active or not. The option of participating or not depends solely on the user.

The Apple-banished Onavo application from Google Play. However, users who were enrolled for this program previously might not be able to continue with this.

Apple’s Consent

Apple tends to have a stricter privacy policy for its users, and Apple does not support such types of Research Apps from Facebook.

Upon signing up, participants of the Facebook Research App might receive a link to side browse an app. In doing so, they would receive a new certificate and VPN unto their devices. Facebook would then obtain access to all activities done on the device.

How to Find Out if Your Child is Still Giving Data to Facebook

For iOS users go to Settings > General > Profiles. If there would be a Facebook Research profile, delete it and check the VPN section of your general screen to see if anything linked with Facebook is active.

For Android users, look for Facebook Research App and if it exists, delete it. To check if there is any VPN connection installed, go to Settings > Network and Internet > Advanced > VPN.

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