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A smartphone is one of the cutting-edge innovations in the modern day. In case any component in a smartphone does not work properly, the user experience with the


Loyica Team
Feb 21 2019
Check If your Android device is working properly

A smartphone is one of the cutting-edge innovations in the modern day. In case any component in a smartphone does not work properly, the user experience with the device would suffer greatly. You can either experience slow internet speeds due to a bad Wi-Fi chip, problems with the transmitter, accelerometer or any other component.  So how do you find out what exactly is wrong with your android device if you are experiencing something strange with it?

Now, if you want to identify what is wrong with your Android smartphone or tablet, then we are going to reveal the best apps through which you can discover problems in your android device. Here are the best apps:


Battery life plays a key role in ensuring superior user experience. However, users often deal with degraded batteries that may lead to a reduction inf the quality of the experience. Often times, the phone suddenly shuts down even if the indicator displayes that you still have 20% battery power left. We need to understand that there is a strong reason that manufacturers suggest changing batteries after a specific time duration. The AccuBattery is a great application that can run intelligent checks, figuring out the remaining life of your battery.

Dead Pixel Check

At the moment, there are only a handful of apps that can really help in discovering a dead pixel. Among them, Phone Doctor Plus and Phone Check stand out as the most effective ones. You can run the test to identify dead pixels and fix them accordingly. Both apps are free to use and can discover possible dead pixels in your device’s screen. Although some stuck pixels can be result of hardware malfunction and cannot be fixed due to any app.

Besides, these apps can run three colors i.e. red, green, and blue for significant times to refresh pixels and make them work properly. These apps can test and fix partial sub-pixel defects, stuck pixels, dead pixels, and bright dots effectively. The entire process can take a few minutes to hours. The professionals suggest that if you do not witness any improvement within a few hours after running these apps, then unfortunately the pixels cannot be repaired.

Phone Doctor Plus

Phone Doctor Plus serves as the home doctor for a smart phones and other devices. This app enables a person to go through various system hardware checks, ensuring each bit of the phone works seamlessly. This app offers various tests to check different components in a smart phone. You can run this app to ensure that your android device has everything running properly. Moreover, Phone Doctor Plus offers more than 30 hardware tests including movement, gyroscope, proximity, and accelerometer sensor testing. Also, this app can be used to test display, dead pixel, and overall responsiveness of the screen. This app also ensures if your smartphone has cellular and network system working properly.

Phone Doctor Plus serves as a favorite app for Android fanatics due to its handy features for checking humidity, pressure, temperature, and sensor testing. Users can also utilize this app to check memory, storage, and CPU performance. Above all, Phone Doctor Plus makes it hassle-free to test devices. This app offers star rating system allowing you to illustrate an issue or notify you about something that could later become a severe issue. In addition, a battery health checker suggests best ways to enhance and recalibrate a battery.

Final Words

So far, we have revealed the best apps to check if your Android device is working properly. If you know about more apps and way to check an Android device, then feel free to mention them in the comments section below.

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