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Websites play an important role in optimizing business sales and making a product stand out in the market. Having an e-commerce website is considered one of the


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Aug 25 2019
How to Choose the Best eCommerce Development Company

Websites play an important role in optimizing business sales and making a product stand out in the market. Having an e-commerce website is considered one of the major tasks to achieve the desired goals of a business. Many retailers now believe that having an impressive website can attract more audience.

Having a successful e-commerce platform is not an easy task. Generally, any website needs thorough care. From the development process and even after launch, a website must be kept at close watch and maintenance. Professional e-commerce developers, like Loyica, which is considered as the best e-commerce web development company in Dubai, provide your business website with constant updates, positive user experience (UX), bug fixing, and support.

As the number of online business platforms increases, so does the number of e-commerce development companies. Choosing the right development team can be challenging considering the number of options. To help you with your decision, here are 10 tips on how to get the best e-commerce web developers:

Know your needs and goals

Prior to hiring a web development team, you should first clearly determine the requirements of your business venture. There are three essential ingredients in businesses. First, determine and decide your business goal. Second, identify the key features that must be present on your website. The third is to get rid of unnecessary options. The more you know and understand your business needs, the better you can come up with an idea, resulting in a better exchange of ideas and inputs with your prospect web developer.

After the assessment of your website needs, determine the working budget. Assess your budget and how much you are willing to spend on your online platform. This will help you narrow down your list of web development companies to work with. However, it is also important to put in mind that a good developer can deliver your expectations accordingly at a reasonable budget.

Ask About Their Experience

An E-commerce platform is more complicated than developing a simple website. So always look for experience in a developer. Ask a prospective company about previous experience with E-commerce development and how things went with those projects.

Find out if the developers have several experiences in providing features that are specific for E-commerce. Ask if the developer is familiar with the process of integrating a payment service into a website. Also, ask if the company can implement product videos into your platform and check if the company has SEO professionals on hand to help you boost your site and keep it at the top of search results. These simple and basic inquiries can surely help you find the best e-commerce developers.

Check Portfolios and References

Make it a standard operation to check out the previous works of the company before hiring the E-commerce developers. A review on the portfolio of the company can let you see whether your expectations fit your design ideas and patterns with that of the developer. Also, check the user experience (UX) of the platforms they provide.  User experience really matters for your business and the satisfaction of your clients. There are many things involved in an e-commerce web project other than platform development.

Contacting the past clients of the company as references is also important. They will help you set expectations regarding your E-commerce website and the service provided by the company. The references will provide crucial insight as to whether or not the web developers are easy to work with and what approach they take towards project development in particular.

Check Project Approach and Management

Be aware of the work strategy of the developers. This will be the determining factor for a successful collaboration. This will also help the customer set realistic goals and get clear timelines and flow of the entire working process.

Furthermore, ask about the method they are using because most developers use different methodologies on the basis of the customer’s preferences and requirements. This will help you and the developer find the most suitable approach for your project. Discussing these questions with the project manager before hiring E-commerce developers gives you insights on how the project will go in the long run.

Open Communication

Open and flexible communication is vital for the successful development of an e-commerce website. Determine how you will be able to keep communication with the developers. Whether face-to-face or virtual meeting, whatever works for you, always keep open communication at both ends during the process of development and maintenance. But do not forget to require at least one face-face meeting before hiring the E-commerce developers.

Ensure a Warranty

There is a high possibility that a website that does not function as it should, so always ask if the development company provide any warranty on their work. You need to also ask if they will charge you for any issues with the code after the platform is launched. If the development company gives service warranty and agrees to fix any issues within a time period, it shows how professional and loyal they are to clients like you.

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