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Technology is very essential to any business. However, small businesses cannot afford to focus all of their resources into their IT departments. Today, most of the


Loyica Team
Oct 17 2019
Tips for Choosing the Right IT Provider

Technology is very essential to any business. However, small businesses cannot afford to focus all of their resources into their IT departments. Today, most of the small businesses reallocate the budget for IT and resources to maintain infrastructure, while that same department is also tasked in supporting and growing the business.

Business solutions that provide automation, nowadays, are getting more and more accessible. Various IT solution companies are becoming established across the globe and they are also competing for your business. They offer varying services and pricing plans depending on their target market, giving business owners more options. The challenge is to find the right fit for you. Note that finding the right tech solution provider is essential to the stability and security of almost any business. If left to themselves, most of the business owners resort to trial-and-error.

Resorting to trial-and-error can be a major threat to the success of a business. Hiring and firing different providers will often complicate problems even further. Choosing an IT provider is quite a difficult task. A professional IT company in Dubai strongly urges businesses to take a proactive approach. Asking and doing research on different IT providers will go a long way.

Whether you already have an IT provider or are still in the market looking for one, here is a list of tips in choosing the right technology provider:


Your tech solution provider should be always available. Since networks never sleep, so then should your IT support. Refrain from choosing providers who make you feel like you are putting them out by calling after working hours. Choose a company that takes pride in delivering top-tier customer support, letting you know they are available to respond and react to alerts and threats any time of the day.

Quick Response Time

Quick response times are very important. When searching for a tech solution company, be sure to test how eager they are to assist. Avoid tech providers that outsourced call centers to take your calls, and ask them if they provide a maximum response time.

On-Site Tech Support

Resolving problems remotely is essential and can be done quickly anywhere. It is a must that an IT provider is able to deliver fast answers and utilize remote access to resolve issues quickly. However, the need to have your tech solutions near in case something goes wrong is also highly suggested. Availing of the services of a local IT company ensures that help is just a call away.

Employee Support

Computers have proven to be frustrating at certain times. And nothing is more inefficient and unproductive than an irritated employee, dealing with frustration due to the lack of attention and resources available to make the job easier. This is why it is important to have an IT company providing your business access to tech support to keep your employees happier and more productive.

Disaster Contingency Plan

An IT provider must be able to assess the business needs and lay out a continuity plan to protect your data in case of emergencies. Some of the threats are critical to business, like identity theft and data breach, so always be prepared for the worst.

Comprehensive Service Menu

A tech solutions company is only as strong as the services it offers and provides. It should be armed with the right tools, managing networks, scans, reports, and alerts. It should have a well-managed antivirus service to stay on top of threat detection and removal, web protection to block employees from known malicious sites, a patch management system for keeping systems up-to-date, and many others which involve data in a business.

Storage Backups and Cloud Services

The first step in planning the disaster prevention strategy is an implementation of an automated backup solution. Daily backups keep files from getting deleted or lost. Reliance on local storage as a backup for all the files is not ideal and highly discouraged. An IT provider must suggest utilizing cloud services. This is to keep data backed up safely and unlikely to be lost over time.

Security Testing, Monitoring, and Maintenance

The threat of hackers and cybercriminals drive IT providers to do more security testing and monitoring. Automated checks and security scans are done to help protect your network from these criminals. A good tech solutions provider should have a layered security model in place which maximizes threat detection and minimizes threat exposure. Make sure that your IT provider can assess the financial liability of your network. Also, be sure that checks and alerts are in place to make sure essential tasks like antivirus and backup are performing well.

A good IT provider should always be proactive and not wait for something to break. Regular maintenance keeps the workstations and servers of a business running like they are new.

Annual IT Budget Planning

Last tip and probably one of the most important is to choose a tech solutions company that cares about you and your business.  An IT provider that will lend you a hand in your plan for success. A quality IT company will be eager to assess your business needs, able to help you save financial resources and improve work efficiency. Progressive providers will also help you be and stay on top and a good IT company will help your company grow.

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