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Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL are almost similar. They are fast and have incredible displays. We are living in a world where we need a good quality picture and the best


Loyica Team
Feb 21 2019
Pixel 3 – Five settings to change right away

Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL are almost similar. They are fast and have incredible displays. We are living in a world where we need a good quality picture and the best part is that its camera is super-amazing.

The Android Pie 9.0 on each of these devices has some settings and features that you would surely want to set up and begin using your phone.

The following are some of the settings that you should consider adjusting:


The lockdown feature is simply amazing, you simply trigger Lockdown on your phone and it immediately locks. The only way to unlock this feature is to enter your passcode and it is highly secured. This feature disables the fingerprint sensor on your phone.

To enable lockdown you need to scroll onto Settings > Security & location > Lock screen preferences Show Lockdown option. Now all you have to do is trigger it by holding in the power button and selecting the Lockdown from the popup, it finally gets enabled.

Wind Down

The amount of time you spend on your favorite app, and the notification count in a day, are all tracked by Digital Wellbeing. If you enable the Wind Down feature, it will put your phone’s display in a gray scale mode, and enable the Do Not Disturb mode. Now when you start looking at Instagram or Facebook in a black and white display you would likely keep your phone down.

To do this you have to scroll to Settings > Digital Wellbeing > Wind Down. In the Wind Down settings you can also customize how the feature works and also set the timings to turn on/off this feature.

Flip to Shhh

Pixel 3 has the ability to turn on the Do Not Disturb mode to silence the phone right away. Once you place it down your face, this mode will get activated and you may miss a phone call or two. This is extremely helpful when you are sitting in an important business meeting or taking a class in school.

To enable this feature go to Settings > System > Gestures > Flip to Shhh. This way this feature gets enabled and you are ready for a meeting or a couple of hours in peace without the intervention of your cellphone.

Now playing

No matter where you are, whether a coffee shop or a restaurant, the music playing around you will get identified and show up along the bottom of your phone’s ambient display. Pixel 3 has the ability to identify songs without sending any information to Google.

It will keep a history of what it identifies, making it easier for you to search for the songs you liked. You can enable Now Playing and create a shortcut of its history in the settings. To enable this go to Settings > Sound > Now Playing.

Smart Storage

Smart storage is a much needed feature for all your smartphones and Pixel 3 offers this feature for its smart users to analyze which files, apps, photos, and videos you use more and it proactively suggests things to delete when your device is running out of storage.

To enable Smart Storage, you need to go to Settings > Storage > Smart Storage. This way, you will be able to keep your phone smart by freeing up storage space smartly.


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