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Collecting feedback to improve customer experience and developing one-step ahead products and services to achieve customer satisfaction is critical. Some companies


Loyica Team
May 28 2019
Striking the Touch Points of Customer Feedback Journeys

Collecting feedback to improve customer experience and developing one-step ahead products and services to achieve customer satisfaction is critical. Some companies only rely on collecting feedback from a single place or usually after a transaction has been completed.

Even though companies successfully capture customer sentiments and feedback through different channels, they still fail to stitch together the emotions expressed by a customer in order to build a complete picture of the customer’s journey experience.  

The question that arises here is how much value can you achieve from gathering customer feedback across all the Touch Points of your customer’s journey?

What are Touch Points?

Touch Points are the place, time, or channel where a customer is likely to interact with your company. Customer interaction can happen while making a purchase, finding information, making payment or expressing genuine emotions. They are not restricted to the occurrence of transactions only.

The three channels, “Multi-channel”, “Cross-channel” and “Omni-channel” are used to describe a company’s various Touch Point.

Omnichannel – An advanced framework

Omnichannel is the most advanced framework as it guides multiple, connected channels used by consumers. For instance, if a person is shopping in a supermarket, they can use their mobile device to fetch a coupon from the vendor’s website, look up for information, or carry out an in-app purchase. The best part of Omnichannel customer experience is that it provides a unified purchase journey. It is said that Omnichannel shoppers have a thirty percent higher lifetime value than those customers who purchase through a single channel.

According to Oracle reports in 2001, majority of the consumers use only two touch points when purchasing an item and today, consumers use an average of six Touch Points that include websites, mobile and social media.

Technology plays a pivotal role

Technology is the real driver for recording customer experiences today and mobile form factors have expanded to tablets and smart watches. Users frequently switch between different electronic devices on a single day. So you need to provide a feedback mechanism for different devices at different times in order to get maximum customer feedback.

Mobile phone is the obvious channel to start with because everyone carries it around and it is easier to listen to customers to gauge their experiences. All you have to do is be prepared to grow loyalty and capture the voice of your customer wherever it is being expressed.

Some businesses, however, support different kinds of Touch Points and their feedback is different at different stages of the customer journey. The only way to proactively interact with your customer is to gather an actionable feedback at the right time.

So what is your winning strategy?

Gathering meaningful feedback across multiple Touch Points is your winning strategy. When you properly gauge customer feedback and experience across multiple Touch Points, you will be at a win-win situation. Feedback encountered at a single Touch Point will give you a snapshot of how likely the customers are to return to your services. Using multiple Touch Points offers a diverse and complete picture of your customers with the services you have provided them with. So what is going to be your winning strategy?

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