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Search engine optimization is no longer an option for brands and businesses today to stay on the game. Other savvy businesses do not acknowledge the importance of


Loyica Team
Apr 02 2019
5 Proven SEO Techniques that Work Whatever Your Business Is

Search engine optimization is no longer an option for brands and businesses today to stay on the game. Other savvy businesses do not acknowledge the importance of this tool, and just pay no heed on it. SEO can either make or break a business online. It has become one of the most powerful marketing practices these days.

Search Engine Optimization should be embraced by all business website owners who would like to drive more traffic to their site. SEO ensures that your business ranks high on search engines such as Google, Yahoo, or Bing. It boosts your website’s visibility in organic search results. When SEO is done effectively, it can strengthen the online visibility of your site that will help you grow the sales and revenue of your business. That is why you need SEO to stay on top of SERPs or else you will just see your website dawdling behind the buzzing competitors.

  1. Website SEO Audit is Important for Your Business

A professional website audit is important for your business because it will help you develop a strong website and a winning marketing strategy.

Having specialists like Loyica to conduct proper SEO audits will provide you a better insight on how your website is performing. Our experts will help you address issues related to content and website architecture to help you improve your performance in SERP ranking. Understanding these issues and analyzing how they impact your SERP performance will strengthen your SEO strategy.

A competitive website SEO audit will also let you see what your rivals are doing. By this, you can come up with new strategies to ensure that you are not left behind the competition. At Loyica, we update our marketing techniques to ensure our clients that we can provide them the best service they can ever have.

  1. Page Speed

Google, the world’s most used search engine, hinted that site speed is one of the signals used by its algorithm to rank pages. It is the time visitors have to wait until a page loads completely.

Page speed impacts user experience. Bad user experience will cost you loss of revenue. Always remember the 3-second rule. If a potential customer has to wait too long for your website to load, it is more convenient for them to click the back button. Google also stressed that they penalize slow loading sites and will surely impact negatively their performance on the search engine ranking.

Fast loading sites have higher conversion rates and lower bounce backs. Your site should aim to be the fastest loading site in your niche.

  1. Mobile Indexing is the Next Big Leap

Almost all consumers are on their phones and Google continues to put an effort into making the web more mobile-friendly. Google announced that it is rolling out mobile-first indexing strategies which would put mobile devices at the limelight of the search criteria. Website owners should also focus on mobile optimization.

Google will consider the mobile version the primary version of your website. Responsive web design should be used for your website to reach this criterion. With this design, there will be no issue at all because the content on desktop and mobile are identical. The lack of a mobile-friendly experience could negatively impact your ranking in search engines.

  1. Fresh and Quality Content is Vital for Your Website

Your website is like a living system. Every fresh content is like every breath of the system. A static website without any updates may be seen by search engines as a dead system that does not breathe anymore. It has no life, and it has nothing to offer.

Google favors fresh content. It prides itself by delivering accurate, relevant, and fresh content in search results. A fresh content equates to frequent indexing. The more frequent you update your website; the more frequent Google will stop by and visit your website. The more often Google will look at your website, the better your ranking in SERP will be.

 A fresh, engaging, and up-to-date content will reward your website lower bounce rate and higher search traffic. However, more content is not the key, high-quality content is. Regularly updating your website with fresh quality content will not only drive you traffic and gain loyal visitors but will put you on a higher ranking.

Our competent team at Loyica excels at doing website updates for our clients to improve their website’s SEO. We always strive to help our clients achieve their business goals. With our creative approach, we know exactly how to bring you on top.

  1. Use Latent Semantic Indexing

One recent SEO tactic is the use of Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) keywords in your webpage for Googlebots to crawl. This relatively new tactic has been introduced to help search engines determine properly the content by relevance and also what it relates to. Keyword stuffing is slowly becoming a thing of the past and Google penalizes using it.

Google uses LSI to study and compare relationships between different terms and concepts. These keywords will improve SEO traffic, generate more visibility, and skyrocket your ranking in search engines.

SEO remains the most effective marketing tool for businesses. SEO will give your business an edge over the competition and will grant you more sales, more loyal clients, and ensures more growth for your business.

Our LOYICA solutions will transform your business vision into innovation. Over the years of service in providing digital marketing solutions to various industries, our team has mastered the ways in solving business challenges. If you choose Loyica, we promise to bring you on top and stay on top.

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