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Dubai has become a Tech hub in the UAE. The recent rise of investment in ...

Loyica Team
Oct 21 2019
Firms That Shaped the Tech Landscape in Dubai

Dubai has become a Tech hub in the UAE. The recent rise of investment in tech-driven development in the Middle East is a response to plummeting oil revenues in the region. However, this has ushered in a new era for the city. The leaders of the emirate have been quick to embrace the idea that the future is in digital projects and products.

The city is now home to numerous start-up companies with more than $2 billion in terms of investment. These companies cover multiple fields such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Data Analytics, cybersecurity, cloud-based services, and even robotics.

Dubai is only able to achieve these advancements in tech because of its prior investments since 1999. With a planned ICT strategy to modernize infrastructure in the region, these were then augmented by other programs such as the launch of Dubai Internet City, Dubai e-government, Dubai Smart Government and the Smart Dubai initiative, about five years ago, in 2014.

With the influx of these technologies, Dubai leads the Emirates in implementing strategies that incorporate technology into the daily lives of its citizens. Digitalizing pubic services has improved resident’s quality of life in many ways. Dubai’s healthcare, as an example, is a booming industry that people can benefit from. The system uses cloud technology to track patient information and analyze health data. This information can be used for medical research and improving healthcare services.

Because Dubai leads the region in terms of technology and internet penetration, it is currently the only city in the Middle Eastern and African region that remains a top choice for the top 500 companies in the world to set-up an HQ. The influx of big investors and new technology have given rise to various start-ups and firms that are extremely good at what they do.

In this article, we will be talking about the firms that have shaped and changed the tech landscape in the city.


The developers at Careem have created the best app-based car service in Dubai. Similar to Uber, Careem employs drivers the company calls “captains”. It is currently the leading ride-hailing service available in the Middle East and African region. It operates in 80 cities in 13 countries primarily in the Middle East, North Africa, and a few select countries in South Asia. The business has created thousands of employment opportunities and it plans to add more as women are now allowed to drive vehicles.


Instashop is a unique company that offers services for online grocery shopping. The website functions as a catalog of products and groceries. All you need to do is click on the items you want to purchase and pay. The design of the mobile app is good and intuitive too. the interface is very easy to use. There are 20 categories that cover everything you might possibly need. From organic fruits and vegetables directly from local farmers to baby diapers and personal hygiene products, it’s all at Instashop. Being able to shop for groceries without leaving your house frees you from the inconvenience of wasting your time in a line at the counter.


This software solutions IT company based in Dubai offers products that help companies grow and expand through cloud-based software and data analytics. Big data is even more relevant in the business. Where responsiveness to change is key to the success that ensures the growth of the company, Loyica systems make sure that your business is flexible and is able to meet the demands and the growing needs of your customers. The IT company’s products are also customizable to the unique business needs of your company. Whether you need data to improve services or to reduce risks, Loyica’s software will be good in making the right decisions.


Karl Naim and Marc Washington founded in 2014. The Dubai-based service connects tech-savvy foodies to chefs for a truly unique dining experience. The web-based portal is an extensive platform for culinary enthusiasts. With a growing number of users, ChefXchange is the easiest and is a hassle-free way for chefs to showcase their talents and creations. Users can choose which chef to hire for a special private dinner party or a big public event.

The service is free for users but the booking fees for chefs are inclusive of a 15% commission that goes to chefXchange. It has since expanded and the company is now also operating in many Western countries such as the United Kingdom and the United States of America. In addition, they also have operations in Lebanon.


If you’re looking for the best properties for sale or for rent, then all you really need to do is log on to Founded by brothers, Zeeshan and Imran Ali Khan, the company is an unbeatable database of properties in the emirates. Users can search the database and narrow down their searches based on certain parameters that they indicate themselves. Interested buyers can search properties by entering location, types and price range.

Bayut has been in business since 2008 and has received many awards since its establishment. In 2009, the business was awarded 'Best Property Portal’ in Dubai.


Need a car to get around in Dubai? Selfdrive is your best bet. Similar to Uber, Selfdrive offers cars or rides to people at adorable rates. With its roots found back in India, 2005, the company has grown exponentially since then. With the rise of modern technology, people now use their apps to wait for their rides and rent. Transactions are made easier for clients as payments are made available through mobile apps, and webpages progressive-web apps.

Owing to seamless ground level operations, and very good innovation and sustainability, has helped over 5 million Emirati residents travel to different locations through


Dubai is a growing city with a lot of promised growth in the near future. As the Emirate invests in technology, many industries rise with it as well. From software solutions to travel agencies wanting to expand their horizons, the city is home to many firms and companies that have something to offer.

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