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The Effective Stationary Design Tips for Beginners


Are you looking for a new job or trying to create a network of collaborators and clients? A printed collateral can serve as the best way to grab audience’s attention. When compared to email, a letter holds significance weightage. It reveals that you have put in efforts to design, post, and print, speaking volumes about how much respect you give to recipient.

When contacting a design agency or a new client, a well-versed letterhead can frame a message in the best manner and reveal your creative prowess. You can spend much of the time on refining a letterhead, as you will spend on a resume or portfolio. Also, you can expect you receive professional rewards. In this article, we are going to discuss about the best tips utilized by companies of stationary design Dubai, US, Canada, and more countries. Read along to discover everything:

Background Graphics


The geometric vectors are undeniably appealing to raise the style factor of a letterhead. It is a leading trend that gets inspiration from digital app design. It is a great choice if you are applying to a technological startup company or corporate stationery design services. You can get low-poly look through building simple yet repetitive shapes in Inkscape or Illustrator, and applying a color effect gradient to build a 3D look. You can take inspiration from this design.


Many business stationery design packages include repetitive triangle shapes in a punchy color palette for building a logo-like design that they can repeat at corners and backside of a page.

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