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Best Tips for Improving Performance of Symfony


The Symfony Framework has emerged as one of the most flexible platform for building micro-sites, enterprise apps that manage about billions of connections. Also, this framework can serve as the basis for other frameworks. Since its launch in 2011, the community has learned much about what can be done with this platform to get the best out of it.

However, many times developers report that framework becomes slow. Having said, in this guide, we will disclose the best practices for improving on performance of Symfony framework. Below are some of the best practices and tips that can enhance Symfony performance.

Improve & Implement


There are various strategies for enhancing individual part of a complex application. These parts can include frontend, App layer/Symfony, and database. In essence, development companies tend to hire Symfony developers who know about these strategies.


Also, you can cache actions where possible. According to developers working at Symfony development company, the biggest performance impact can be achieved through proper caching. We have already witnessed caching assets across browser cache, and usage of CDN in the front end part. In the app server layer, symfony development services tend to cache complete pages or portions of pages, and service level data.

This can bring down a request’s response time. Moreover, it can help in brining down overall load on system, making the cache misses serve fast.

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