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Best Ways to Code in CakePHP Development


Have you ever been bothered by a bug that is tricky to fix? Being a developer, it is not surprising to see bugs often. But, do you know that through knowing some tips and ways, you can code to face less or even no bugs. Having said, we have conducted a survey and came up with advices and suggestions from the great CakePHP developers online.

The best ways to code in CakePHP development have proven to help many CakePHP development services in building great programs while facing least of the errors. Read along to discover the best ways to code in the CakePHP development:

What to Do If Save() Still Doesn’t Work


In case, you see save() not working, you can check if you got beforeSave() in model or app. Then, you can double-check for the ‘true’ value if you are still unable to see it. You will surely succeed in this way.

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