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How to Build Great Angular JS Applications


AngularJS stands as one of the leading JavaScript frameworks for client-side development. Through reviewing some AngularJS concepts including two-way data binding, $scopes and directives, we have come across some great ways for creating amazing AngularJS apps. In essence, AngularJS stands as the leading JavaScript framework for client-side coding. AngularJS offers MVC-based architecture for creating SPA (Single Page Application).

The key features offered by AngularJS web development include built-in dependency injection, 2 way data binding, and templates created with HTML along with different facilities for unit testing of each component in an app.

Directives of AngularJS


AngularJS directs stand as a great way to enable a developer to extend HTML. A developer can build reusable DOM elements that can be shared across an application. At the time of working on an Angular JS application, you should not manipulate or access DOM across controllers. You can utilize directives for DOM manipulation.

Moreover, directives can be utilized as element names, class names, attributes, and comments. Also, you can restrict a directive to an element name or attribute, making it easier to find matches between different directives and DOM elements. In addition, you must take care of staying updated with recent releases of AngularJS. The handy features are released regularly.


You can make an upgrade easier through avoiding obsolete directive format and using ng-xyz or data-ng xyz formats. Also, others are supported for legacy reasons only and could not be supported in upcoming releases. In addition, you can replace $http deprecated functions, error, success, through then function. Moreover, you do not need to access scope properties starting with $$, as AngularJS naming convention confirms that they are private properties.

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