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Top Ways to Enhance Your PrestaShop Modules


PrestaShop offers a broad range of features in term of API. These features can be hidden in code and documentation. Also, various tools are available that allow a person to build personal module in a short span of time. However, a large number of developers are unaware about using these features and tools for their benefits.

After reading this article, you will uncover the best ways and tips suggested by the leading PrestaShop development company. These tips will help you in speeding up your development and saving a great deal of time.

Read along to discover everything:

Get Rid of Support for Older Versions


PrestaShop code is emerging over time along with API. The latest version is a lot easier to develop module. PrestaShop’s code has evolved over the period of time. It has now become easier to build a module than it was about four years ago. Through dropping support for old versions, you will be able to enjoy leading-edge features of new API. Also, you will be able to include less conditional blocks into coding. It will make you task a lot easier and maintain your code too.


As PrestaShop’s code improves over time, so does the API. The newer the version, the easier it will be to develop a PrestaShop design and module as PrestaShop’s codebase has evolved over time. It is now much easier to create a module than for example four years ago. By dropping support for older version you will not only enjoy the features of a newer API, you will also have to insert less conditional blocks into your code. In the end, this makes it a lot easier to test and maintain your code.

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