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Android has taken the lead in the market with over 85% shares and is still growing towards a more successful pathway. The Android app development companies are bending backwards and working efficiently in creating effective applications. Furthermore, it is believed that in near future there will be more Android applications featuring artificial intelligence which would not only provide a better user interface but also take the app development towards a great market value.

Loyica is the top tier Android App Development Company based in UAE that excels in offering exclusive, responsive and user friendly Android app solutions to a wide range of established businesses as well as startups all over the globe. The leading edge to solve complex business workings our company offers great solutions to simplify tedious activities and bring best user experience to our clients all around the world.


Why choose Loyica?

Loyica is a company that has a team of qualified Android app developers and experienced consultants; it excels in providing exclusive mobile solutions to their customers. As per users’ review, Loyica stands among the best android app development Dubai companies.

Our squad of developers is passionate to hold a position of most reliable Android app developers in the field of mobile app development with an experience of several years.

Artificial intelligence and Android app


Artificial intelligence is supposedly going to be used in more Android apps and its development processes because this technology allows the app developers to achieve a better mobile experience and also boots the personalization capabilities for users. Applications that feature AI generally act as a conciliator between the users and service that help users to accomplish several tasks without human interaction.


Furthermore, this technology eliminates tedious tasks of human with fewer margins of errors taking place and Android apps featuring AI would be more appealing to users as it tries to satisfy the needs of users quicker and in easier ways.

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