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The Effective .NET Framework Tips Programmers Should Know About


.NET Framework is not an easy language to learn for many. It requires learning both C# along with VB.NET. Also, you need to understand fundamentals of Object Oriented Programming (OOP). Apart from different among the syntax, concepts are almost same. It doesn’t matter which technology you use, it is easy for developers to adapt bad coding habits, leading to poor quality code.

In this article, we are going to reveal the best tips for developers working at .net development companies in Dubai, US, Canada, and more countries. Read along to discover the tips for avoiding bad habits in .NET platform.

Keeping Variable Naming Schemes Consistent


When you are writing code for a specific client, you might require documentation that can define how you name variables. In case, you code for different projects, you can keep the naming scheme consistent. Though there are some standard rules for asp.net development company UAE and more countries, however, if you are working on a client’s project, then you should ask them for any specific coding standards that they follow.

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