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The Best SQL Practices Every Programmer Should Know About


A large number of businesses are focusing more on website’s aesthetic features rather than conversion optimization.

Databases serve as essential component in nearly every application today. It does not matter what platform you choose, you will need a suitable database for storing, editing, and deleting records. Structured Query Language (SQL) stands among the leading databases. In essence, every platform comes with minute differences between SQL syntax, however, development and logic remains almost same.

Today, in this article, we are going to reveal the best practices for SQL that every programmer should know of. Read along to discover.



The asterisk * aims to tell a database to return every columns in a table. According to custom database development services in UAE, there are some issues with this. The first and foremost issue is related to security. In case, a hacker becomes able to utilize a SQL table injection attack on a database, it can leave nearly each column prone to theft. Thus, while deciding on database development cost, you must consider the fact that if you have passwords kept in a table, an attacker can expose it.

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