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Best Practices for Enhancing Yii Development


Yii stands as the leading PHP framework that holds a remarkable position among the list of top PHP frameworks. This platform is utilized for nearly every category of PHP projects.

Whatever PHP framework you choose, success of project relies on quality of code. In nearly every instances, following Yii development practices deliver superior quality project, conforming to quality specifications. Below are the development practices utilized by the leading Yii development company.

Why Loyica

Improved Overheads for Yii

While working with PHP frameworks including Yii, the overheads should be avoided. For example, resizing of image should be done in a distinct PHP script for avoiding additional overheads. Also, you can utilize active record rather than Query Builder and SQL. In a general purpose application, there is least requirement for utilizing query builder as Active Records can provide great functionality and same level of abstraction among databases. According to the leading Yii framework development company, Active Record comes into handy at the time of adding and editing different records, as it can include a convenient layer of validation.



So far, we have revealed the basic and essential tips for effective development on Yii based applications. The best development practices for Yii can ensure that a project complies to approved standards of coding. If you find our article helpful, then share to spread the word and help the developers’ community.

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