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The Best Payment Gateway Integration Methods You Should Know About


It doesn’t matter if you have an Ecommerce store or run a business for travelling, event management, or any other. Making transaction serves as the key aspect for every business, and payment gateway is required for paying online. When people refer to Payment gateway, we might think about services such as PayPal or others. However, payment gateway is something different:

A payment gateway serves as a place on a website such as part of workflow in a website that enables a transaction to take place. It works as a cashier in a website. Payment gateway integration service can manage transactions in a website. In this article, we will discuss about the payment gateway methods utilized by the payment gateway integration company in different countries. Read along to discover them:

Service Integration – Onsite Payment


The Service Integration Method or SIM serves as the suitable solution to deal with on-site transactions. If a payment gateway service provider handles actual processing, all form will still be displayed on your website. Above all, service integration can enhance branding, allowing you to maintain customer sensitive information. Various companies of payment gateway integration UAE suggest using this method.


However, when using this method, you should remember that you should be PCI compliant or need an SSL certificate. Also, you need to enhance security on a website as you will need to maintain customer details.

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