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Best Tips to Create Successful CMS


CMS has become essential for a majority of websites today. The reason lies behind necessity of content for websites belonging to small, mid, and enterprise level businesses. Nearly every website offers a CMS. Above all, a CMS relies on various factors including clients’ requirements, website size, and functionality. Today, in this article, we will be highlighting the best tips utilized by the open source CMS development company to develop open source Bolt content management system.

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Stay Consistent


Consistency is essential when it is about product development. In essence, consistency of product can make a different in term of making it feel appealing and deliver great experience. It is something that is not easily measurable but something that users will find out. To keep a product consistent, you should dare to say no. You should not do things just because you can, but with every new feature, you should ask yourself that will the users actually need it. In case, it does not add complexity to other users.


You shouldn’t make assumptions about what users require. If they need something, they will let you know. It is better to deliver a solution that makes people want more, rather than features that they will never want to use.

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