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Getting the proper branding strategy for your business is a tricky one. It requires experience, expertise, and tried and proven methods for it to work. Proper branding is crucial to attaining organic traffic, which almost always, results in sales. That is why you should only be working with the best– and the best branding agency in Dubai is Loyica.

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What is Digital Branding?

Digital Branding is part of the brand management techniques that deal with engaging customers online using the Internet, apps, and other media content.

Branding is basically all about “what are our customers saying about us?” And whether that translates to sales is the standard of whether your branding is properly done or not. Businesses usually put up a narrative about themselves– a narrative that sells. What digital branding management does is to ensure that this narrative is effectively conveyed to consumers online. This is tricky, though. Because the internet is full of information from competitors that your message, your narrative can easily get lost. Digital branding management ensures this will not happen. It is also easy to get misconstrued. And this misinterpretation can damage your brand forever. A good digital branding agency, then, should prevent this from happening.

Why is Branding Important?

Having more traffic means getting more leads, prospects, and ultimately, customers. These customers are important to your business's survival. They help provide a steady stream of income through the purchases they make and through the word-of-mouth communication they do when they influence other's buying habits. Organic traffic will undoubtedly be beneficial to your business and a key to its success. That's why getting a proper branding is key to boosting your company's organic traffic.

As a creative agency in Dubai, we ensure that our customers get the best logo designs and a proper corporate branding strategy– elements that are usually a result of correct communication, a creative collaboration between our clients and our experts, and methodical brainstorming that allows us to put forward creative, yet compelling narratives that help our clients get the results they want

How is proper branding done?


Developing a brand strategy

We believe a proper brand strategy starts with method and genius. This is why we start with research and collaboration. This includes research performed on the client’s target audience, market segmentation, analysis of existing and future competition, among others.


Designing a brand identity

As a graphic design agency, we craft company logo designs, typography, and what you will look like and “feel” like over various digital channels. More than digital marketing, this brand “feel” can also be extended to your package designs, business cards, corporate signages, vehicle wraps, and other materials to further establish your brand identity– including custom images and graphics to optimize your social media presence.



As a result of a series of collaboration and massive amounts of input from our experts, you will have a final say on your brand strategy and identity. We are confident about our years of experience and tried and tested methods to deliver you a final product that you will like and will get you the results you need.

More details on our digital branding services

Branding Identity Design

Branding Identity Design services include preparing custom images and graphics to optimize your social media presence.

Logo Exploration and Development

When talking about logo design, our expert designers only use the most dynamic yet compelling design methods to help you achieve your target results.

Brand Guidelines

We begin by holistically evaluating your brand, developing your logo according to our brand guidelines, and strategically marketing your brand to your target audience.

Brand Collateral

Brand collateral can facilitate businesses in creating a lasting impression among clients. With us, we can help you build an excellent and lasting first impression among your target audience by using effective brand collaterals.

UI and UX Design

User Interface and User Experience Design are part of your Brand Architecture and Strategy. Together, they help you establish the "feels" that you want your customers to experience– especially online.

Videos, Animation, and Content

Our Creative team is composed of several talents that can help you craft a proper Creative Strategy that can boost your online presence and help you create a more compelling narrative to sell your brand and your business.