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Flowchart is a diagram representing a process stepwise. The flowchart shows steps in the form of boxes or other geometric shapes and order by connecting them with


Loyica Team
Feb 21 2019
Best Flowchart Software for Windows

Flowchart is a diagram representing a process stepwise. The flowchart shows steps in the form of boxes or other geometric shapes and order by connecting them with arrows and lines. Learning to create a flowchart is essential and beneficial to anyone who wants to create a streamline of their work and life.

There are plenty of amazing flowchart apps that exist online such as Concept Draw Pro and Microsoft Visio but they come in prices ranging from 13 to 300$. If you don’t want to spend so much for a flowchart software, there’s Microsoft Word where you can create flowcharts easily for free. But if you want to take you flowcharts up a notch then you should check out the following free flowchart application mentioned below.


Dia is a free and fully featured flowchart application that is entirely open source and under the GPLv2 license. This flowchart application is simple, extensible and easy to use. Here are some of the key feature and highlights of the application:

  • It has a simple and instinctual interface
  • It includes a wide set of standard shapes, circuit and database
  • You can add custom shapes using XML and SVG
  • Shapes and text can be created with custom colors

yEd Graph Editor

This is an excellent up-to-date tool for flowcharts, diagrams, trees and much more. You can download this application as a JAR file which requires Java on your system. This app is packed with features and provides users with an amazing diagrammatical experience. These are some of the key features and highlights in yEd Graph Editor:

  • Auto-arrange in flowchart elements from messy to clean
  • It provides several export options like PNG JPG,SVG and PDF
  • It requires very little effort to create professional-quality charts


ThinkComposer is a brilliant tool for professionals. It can handle business models, flowcharts, class diagrams and much more. This application is a smart choice if you deal with flowcharts on a daily or weekly basis. ThinkComposer has some notable key features which are as follow:

  • You can create custom, reusable nodes and connections
  • You can experience deep, multi-level diagrams for full visual expression of ideas
  • You can create different charts and graphs
  • You can generate PDF, XPS, or HTML reports based on your data

Pencil Project

Pencil Project is an old app for flowcharts which has been reintroduced back in 2015 with its latest version 3.0.0 released in 2017. Everything has been upgraded fit for the current and contemporary world. That’s why this flowchart app is an excellent choice for anyone who needs fast, simple diagramming along with a minimal learning curve. This app is packed of the following amazing features:

  • It includes many built-in shapes to create any kind of charts and interfaces
  • You can create your own shapes and install collections made by others
  • It has several export options like PNG, SVG, PDF and HTML


The tools and apps mentioned above are all free. Users can create amazing flowcharts with them by utilizing different features they offer. Along with these free tools, there are paid versions of applications as well to unlock the other special features that you might need to further enhance the visual representation of your project.


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